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Real Murder Mysteries that Have Stolen the Spotlight Throughout History

Murders are disturbing, but there are some cases that are far worse than others. To be specific, some unsolved murder mysteries were brutal and unimaginable. Plus, they left communities with lingering questions for decades since there were no credible suspects. Perhaps, the mysteries found hovering over certain murders are why they begin to steal the…
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The History of UFOs – When They Became Popular and Why So Many Believe In Them Today

The term unidentified flying object (UFO) refers to mysterious objects seen in the sky. Many people believe these UFOs to be alien spacecrafts, which have raised a lot of questions about life in other parts of the universe. Throughout history, many people from around the world have reported seeing UFOs. From there, the topic became…
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The Real Haitian Zombies You’ve Likely Never Heard Of… But Should Definitely Know About

Zombies are best described as mythical reanimated corpses or the “walking dead.” Throughout the years, the world has become familiar with these creatures through various myths, legends, books, and horror films. In fact, they’ve taken over our entertainment world by storm recently. While the first recorded use of the term was in 1819, the myths…
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The Bewitched Episode that Fought for Racial Equality

I’ve been re-watching Bewitched over the last year, and it’s been a real blast. It was a show I loved as a kid, but you realize as an adult that it was most definitely a product of its time. But yesterday, I got to an episode that personally connected with me… one that left me…
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Jack McDermott, A Forgotten Man with a Rather Crazy House

Most of you are familiar with the Spider Pool. (If not, you can read all about it HERE!) However, only a few know about the owner of this iconic place. Jack McDermott used to be a popular name in Hollywood. In fact, he threw a lot of wild parties in his bizarre home, and everyone…
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Rocket Engineer Jack Parsons and His Ties into Occultism

Most of you probably know Jack Parsons because of his contributions to human spaceflight and space exploration. In fact, historians considered him an important figure in the U.S space program. But did you know that he was actually known for more than just his excellent works? Apparently Parsons also had an association with dark magic…
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