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The Strangest Medical Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s no secret that I love sharing weird scientific facts. However, some of them are just weirder than others, especially when they are concerning our own biology. So, let’s enter the eerie but fascinating world of medicine and some of the weirdest and most mind-blowing facts that you could ever imagine. I give you the…
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The Weird World of Live TV: The Strangest Things Ever Captured 

We live in the era of internet livestreams. People all around the world are broadcasting their days. And the interesting part? Others watch it gladly. But only a few years back, it was live television that kept us on our toes and gave us the unpredictability and unscripted drama that we needed. And oh boy,…
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What the Mayans Believed About Solar Eclipses 

We’ve already talked about the importance of solar eclipses in different cultures. From what ancient civilizations believed about them, to their spiritual importance. However, there’s one ancient culture that had particularly interesting beliefs regarding this celestial phenomenon – the Mayans of ancient Mesoamerica. So, in this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the fascinating world…
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How a Solar Eclipse Saved the Life of Christopher Columbus 

You probably already know who Christopher Columbus was. But in case you need a memory refresh, let’s just say that he was one of the most iconic explorers that Italy had to offer. His biggest discovery? The New World…according to some. However, what you should also know about him is that he was willing to…
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Why are We Always Looking for the Entrance to Hell?

Throughout my experiences exploring the world, I’ve personally visited many places that have donned the title of “the entrance to hell”. Across the globe, throughout various cultures, and throughout several stages of time, the supposed entrance to the underworld has appeared, causing a stir to the surrounding areas. This led me to ask the question:…
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The Trail of Tears: Forced Relocation and Suffering of Native American Tribes

The Trail of Tears casts a long shadow over American history. This was a dark chapter of forced relocation and untold suffering for Native American tribes. As important as this story is, we’re not telling it often enough. So, to honor the resilience and strength of the Indigenous people, we decided to embark on a…
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