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The History of Halloween and Its Now-Modern Twist

If you ask around, the history of Halloween has many origin stories with many different religions and festivals claiming to be the true origin of today’s popular holiday. However, most historians now believe that Halloween as we know it dates back over 2,000 years to the ancient Celts and their festival of Samhain (sow-in). While…
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An In-Depth Look at the Full Story of Annabelle the Cursed Doll

The world has a lot of mysterious objects that have gained interest throughout the years. One, in particular, is the Annabelle Doll, one of the most famous cursed artifacts in the world. This doll was linked to various paranormal events; thus, many people are curious about the story behind this cursed object. So much so…
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Does the Cueva de Los Tayos Hold the Library of a Lost Civilization?

Cueva de Los Tayos is a mysterious cave in the Andes mountains in Ecuador. According to legends, a huge treasure and a library were hidden somewhere inside the cave. Many people have tried to find these precious objects and unravel the truth about the cave though no one has fully been able to uncover its…
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The Story of the Lady In Red Whose Body was Found on Egypt Plantation

In the summertime of 1969, a family in Cruger, Mississippi, was following the routine a typical afternoon. That day, in particular, however, they were having their septic tank repaired. Suddenly, the workers unearthed a mystery that has been intriguing people for more than five decades. Workers found a women in red buried in an iron…
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Who was the Real Merlin?

Yes, you read right. Merlin was likely a real historical figure. Though, he was likely not an all-powerful wizard as depicted in fiction, and he actually never really met King Arthur. Disappointing, right? But I think it’s important to point out that Merlin has become a legendary figure who transcended time as the tales of…
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The Wild Story of Elmer McCurdy’s Dead Body

Elmer McCurdy had a wild life story when he was alive and an even more fascinating tale after his death. After dying in a shoot-out, he became more popular when his mummified corpse traveled across the United States. For decades, many people wanted the opportunity to view his body. Then, somehow, he got forgotten. So,…
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The Stories of Real Vigilantes who Took Matters into Their Own Hands

When a wrongdoing has been committed, sometimes the victim and his or her family will fight to get justice. At least, when someone has done something terrible to you, that may very well be one of your instincts, whether or not you act on it. Perhaps, that’s why we idolize vigilantes in this world that…
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The Occult Studies of… Christianity?

Let’s take a moment to think about the word, “Occult.” Now that I’ve said it you probably have an immediate scene set in your mind- likely something dark, maybe with witches, people practicing something macabre and evil in secret. Am I close to painting your picture? Well, the funny reality is that while we paint…
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Is the Term ‘New Age’ Offensive?

For those of us who grew up as teens in the early 2000s, you’ll likely remember the ‘New Age’ section of Barnes and Noble. Despite visiting many metaphysical, psychic, and spiritual bookstores, I, myself, was known to frequent the ‘New Age’ section of Barnes and Noble despite not having any real in-depth knowledge on the…
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Did You Know about Alice Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt’s Wild and Eccentric Daughter?

Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth, most popularly known as Alice Roosevelt, lived a wild and controversial life. Being president Teddy Roosevelt’s eldest child, she attracted a lot of media attention throughout her life. To give you a better view, here are some details about Alice Roosevelt’s wild and eccentric life. Childhood Alice Roosevelt was born in…
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