Chasing Ghosts in the Ancient City of Rome: A Haunted Tour of the Eternal City

Rome, often known as the Eternal City, is famous for its ancient past, stunning architecture, and lively culture. But below the surface, there is a dark side of this city that has fascinated tourists for ages. Only a few people know that Rome is a city full of spooky tales and ghoulish folklore, from the Colosseum to the catacombs. So let’s take a quick ghost tour of Rome and look into some of its most eerie locations.

The Colosseum

A symbol of Rome’s ancient past, the Colosseum is one of the city’s most well-known sites. Yet it also serves as a chilling reminder of how cruel Rome once was. The hallways of this historic amphitheater are reported to still be haunted by the spirits of gladiators and wild animals who fought for their lives. When exploring the remains, visitors mentioned feeling anxious and hearing creepy whispering.

The Catacombs


The Catacombs of Rome are a system of underground passageways and tombs that were constructed in the early Christian era. It’s believed that the ghosts of the dead haunt these spooky corridors. Visitors have described feeling a presence lurking in the shadows and hearing weird noises. Even the apparitions of the dead have been reported by some.

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is a vibrant and bustling piazza in the center of Rome. It is a stunning place to walk around with gelato in your hands and enjoy the sights. However. it’s also among the spookiest places in the city. How you might wonder? Well — this square also served as the site of public executions. And the spirits of the executed are still said to haunt the area. While wandering across the square at night, visitors have reported feeling a chilly breeze, even during humid summer months, and hearing weird and creepy noises.

Your Ghost Tour of Rome- The Appian Way

This is one of Rome’s oldest and most well-known roadways. It used to be a significant route linking the city to the rest of Italy. However, it is also a path filled with ghostly visions. Visitors have claimed to have seen a ghostly white-clad woman walking along the Appian Way. She is said to be the spirit of a woman who was murdered by her lover and left to rot on this road, according to a legend.

Castel Sant’Angelo 


On the banks of the Tiber River stands a massive castle called Castel Sant’Angelo. It was initially constructed as a mausoleum for Hadrian the Great, but it eventually served as a papal fortress. The spirits of prisoners who were put to death inside the castle’s walls are rumored to haunt the building. The castle’s underground dungeons have been said to emanate cries and groans, as reported by terrified visitors.

Your Ghost Tour of Rome- The Bocca della Verità

The Bocca della Verità, also known as the Mouth of Truth, is a well-known marble sculpture that can be found in the portico of the Santa Maria Basilica in Cosmedin. It’s claimed to be a supernatural object that can tell when someone is lying. According to legends, if you lie and put your hand in its mouth, it will bite your hand off. So it’s no surprise that strange whispers and a ghostly presence around the artwork have been reported by visitors, so it’s a must-add to your ghost tour of Rome.

Kanita Bajrami

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