Creepy Souvenirs You Can Buy For Lovers of the Paranormal 

Buying souvenirs can feel so tacky, right? I always do my best to make them as fun and personalized as possible, however, sometimes I still fail. I mean, sure, a cute magnet or Hard Rock Cafe shirt will always be a good idea, but what if you have someone in you’re life who is completely fascinated by the supernatural and the unexplained? Or maybe you’re that someone, and you’re looking for a way to express that with the gifts that you buy for your loved ones on your trips. Well, don’t worry! Because we have made a list of the best (and riskiest) creepy souvenirs that you can buy.

Haunted Dolls

There’s something about dolls that has always been so creepy to me. So what better creepy souvenir than a haunted doll? These dolls, rumored to possess supernatural energies or spirits, are sought after by enthusiasts eager to explore the unknown. And honestly, you can buy them at so many locations. Or if you ask me, just buy any creepy-looking doll and it will do the trick. If you’re feeling extra brave (like dangerously brave), you can visit Mexico’s Island of the Dead Dolls and get one for free! Of course, if you don’t count the emotional damage that you’ll have to experience. If you’re unsure about what we’re talking about, make sure to read our article about Isla de las Muñecas.

Ouija Boards and Spirit Boards


Ouija boards and spirit boards have long been symbols of communication with the otherworldly. These divination tools believed to connect with spirits, are popular among those seeking to interact with the paranormal. They are also available to buy at most places around the world. Most toy stores or board game stores have them, especially the ones around the United States. Did you know that the first Ouija Board was created in Chestertown, Maryland, in 1886? So if you ever find yourself in Maryland, make sure to buy one of these gems for your paranormal-loving buddy.

Paranormal Investigation Kits


For the adventurous at heart, paranormal investigation kits are a must-have. Equipped with tools like EMF meters, EVP recorders, and sage for cleansing rituals, these kits enable enthusiasts to explore and document paranormal activities. How cool would it be to have come from all over the world? However, I have to warn you. This won’t be a souvenir that you’ll be able to come across while getting some coffee at Starbucks. You will actually have to do some digging and find a specialized store that sells them.

Supernatural Literature and Art

What if you have someone in your life who is fascinated by both art and the paranormal? Then why not buy some supernatural literature and art? From books exploring ghostly encounters to eerie artwork depicting the supernatural, literature and art play a crucial role in the paranormal enthusiast’s collection. These items provide insights and also are a great way for the person to express their interests in their living space.

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