Enchanting Beach Caves You Can Visit this Summer

Beach caves are hidden caverns that hold a world of mystery. Some cultures think that these places are “home of the gods,” while others view them solely as beautiful landscapes. Either way, when brought face to face with one, we can all agree that beach caves are enchanting. This summer, if you’re looking to explore something new, here are some of the enchanting beach caves you can visit that will surely take your breath away.

Leo Carrillo Beach Caves – California


The Leo Carrillo Beach Caves are located between Leo Carrillo’s South Beach and North Beach. It is a rocky area that you can explore during a low tide. Aside from exploring the caves, you can also camp and hike at Leo Carrillo State Park in western Malibu. Best of all, it is a dog-friendly park; thus, you can bring your fur baby while enjoying the scenic view of the park.

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Chapada Diamantina – Brazil

One of the most enchanting beach caves you can visit this summer is the Chapada Diamantina in Brazil. Here, you will be mesmerized by this cave’s natural beauty. To be specific, you can see cascading waterfalls and numerous natural wonders that were formed over the years. The best part of this national park is its beach cave, which has clear blue water and golden rocks.

Blue Grotto – Italy


Another popular beach cave is the Blue Grotto in southern Italy. This tourist destination is known for its electric blue water. This color is produced when sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and reflects on the ocean. Aside from the enchanting view of this beach cave, you will also have a memorable experience traveling to this place because of the scenic views you will see.

Benagil Beach Sea Cave – Portugal

Aside from those enchanting beaches you can visit this summer, another famous destination is Benagil Beach Sea Cave in Portugal. Keep in mind that reaching this beach cave requires some swimming. Even so, your efforts will be worth it because of the magnificent view you will witness in the cave. To be specific, the tides, lights, and colors change throughout the day. The result is a series of mesmerizing scenes you will never forget.

Fingal’s Cave – Scotland


Another enchanting beach cave on this list is Fingal’s Cave, located on a small island. The cave has geometric basalt pillars that will surely make your trip memorable. Plus, you will also hear unusual and inspiring sounds in this place. In fact, this cave has inspired several musicians to experiment with their music.

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