Exploring Balkan Folklore: The Weirdest Stories And Mystical Creatures Surrounding This Unique Area

Growing up in a Balkan country, there were numerous mystical creatures, terrifying tales, and alleged monsters that haunted some of my worst nightmares. But most of these creatures and stories were never portrayed outside of the Balkan region. If you’re someone who enjoys learning about different cultures, weird historic stories, and spooky legends, then you’ll probably also enjoy these Balkan folklore creatures and the stories surrounding them.

The Baba Yaga 


If you’ve grown up in a Slavic country, you’re probably still terrified by Baba Yaga (sometimes also referred to as Baba Roga). Baba Yaga is a witch from Slavic folklore. She is said to live in a hut on chicken legs in the forest. She is depicted as an old, ugly woman with a hooked nose and long teeth. Baba Yaga is known for her magical powers and is often portrayed as a villain who despises naughty children. 

The Samodivi

The Samodivi are forest spirits in Balkan folklore that are said to live in the mountains and forests of the Balkans. These creatures are known for their love of music and dance, and their ability to enchant and manipulate humans. According to legend, anyone who sees a Samodiva will be forever changed. They will fall under their spell and lose all sense of time and reality.

The Kikimora

The Kikimora is a creature from Slavic mythology that is said to live in dark corners of the house, such as attics and basements. It is a female spirit that is often portrayed as a hag or a crone and is known for causing mischief and trouble. If a Kikimora takes up residence in your home, she will bring bad luck and misfortune to your household.

The Leshy

The Leshy is a woodland spirit from Balkan folklore that is said to be a shapeshifter, able to take on the form of an animal or a tree. He is often depicted as a tall, hairy man with horns. Leshy is known for his mischievous nature, but he can also be helpful to those who treat him with respect. According to legend, hunters who respect Leshy and his domain will have good fortune in their hunts, while those who offend him will be cursed with bad luck.

The Drekavac

The Drekavac is a creature from Serbian folklore that is said to haunt graveyards and scare people at night. It is described as a small, hunchbacked creature with a large head and glowing eyes. The Drekavac is also known for its eerie, high-pitched laughter. According to legend, this creature is the ghost of a child who died before it was baptized. It is also said that hearing its laughter is a bad omen.


The Strigoi

The Strigoi is a creature from Romanian folklore that is similar to the vampire. It is said to be a spirit that can take on the form of an animal or a human. Terrifyingly enough, it is known for its ability to drain the life force from its victims. In some stories, the Strigoi is the spirit of a dead person who has returned to seek revenge on the living. According to legends, Strigois stay vital by ending the lives of the people who wronged them.

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