Foolproof Ways to Sleep on a Plane — Even When You’re in the Middle Seat

Going to a new place is so exciting! But do you know what’s not so exciting? Struggling to sleep on a long haul flight. Especially if you’re in the middle seat —the bane of every traveler’s existence. However, believe it or not, there are still some ways to make it work. Say goodbye to restless flights and hello to blissful slumber with these foolproof ways to sleep on a plane.

Comfort is Key

You already know it — comfort is key when it comes to sleeping anywhere. But especially on a plane. So, to ensure a comfortable snooze session, pack your carry-on with essential sleep aids. A plush travel pillow, lightweight blanket, and noise-canceling headphones create a cozy environment amidst the cabin chaos. Additionally, invest in a quality sleep mask to block out unwanted light and let the people around you know that you are off the table for chit chats. Of course, don’t forget to adjust your seat for maximum comfort, reclining slightly and using lumbar support if available.

Mind Your Posture

Everyone has their favorite sleeping position. However, when you are in the plane, there aren’t too many options available. So, make sure to experiment to find the most comfortable variation. Lean against the window passenger for support or use a travel pillow to cushion your head. Adjust your seatbelt to avoid discomfort and consider using a small pillow to pad armrests to make it a bit more comfortable for your arms as well. Remember to stretch periodically to prevent stiffness and promote circulation during long flights.

Block Out the Noise

No one would be able to sleep comfortably if they are stuck in a loud environment. And sadly, that’s not something we have control over when we are in an airplane. So, to combat cabin noise, bring along a pair of noise cancellation headphones or earbuds. This in combination with a sleeping mask will help you create a soothing space amidst the chaos of the plane. Honestly, I don’t know what the thing is with earbuds, but I swear that I sleep like a baby whenever I use them. Even on a plane.


Calm Your Mind and Drift Away

Even though I know how annoying traveling anxiety can be, there’s simply no way for you to sleep restfully if you’re feeling worked up. That’s why I would strongly suggest to engage in relaxation exercises to prepare your mind and body for sleep. You could either practice deep breathing and visualization techniques, or download a guided meditation and listen to it on your flight. The key is to focus on releasing tension from your muscles, and allowing yourself to drift off into a peaceful slumber. You could even use aromatherapy pens if this is something that works for you.

Dress for Success

Last but not least, it’s important to dress for success. And when it comes to sleeping on a plane, that includes choosing comfortable, breathable clothing. Layer up with cozy socks, a lightweight sweater, and soft, stretchy fabrics that will make you feel like you’re wearing your pjs. This is one of the rare occasions where it’s perfectly reasonable to prioritize comfort over fashion. You could even consider packing a pair of compression socks to promote circulation and prevent swelling.

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