Glen Ivy is the perfect serene getaway for someone who needs a day off from their busy life. Glen Ivy is a natural hot spring out in Corona, California that offers spa and salon services to guests, as well as just a generic day-spa getaway. You must book and pay extra for massage services and such, but all the mineral baths, pools, and class activities are included in the daily admission price. When I went, I had scheduled an hour massage first thing. That massage was in a peaceful little hut, and it was a great experience. It was a true relaxing full-body massage. Following that, I entered the grounds and wandered over to the mineral baths to soak for a few minutes before heading over to Club Mud. Club Mud is included in the admission, and it is a very unique and fun experience. In Club Mud, you cover yourself in a therapeutic mineral mud from head to toe. You can then relax in the muddy water and let the benefits of the clay soak in your skin before rinsing off in the showers and continuing your spa day.


After Club Mud, I had scheduled a visit to the grotto. The grotto is an additional fee, but it is full of benefits. You are taken underground where the staff paints you from neck to toe in a mask made out of aloe vera, coconut oil, shae butter, eucalyptus, and lavender. It’s a strange feeling having this concoction all over yourself as you sit in a warm, cave-like room, allowing your body to soak in the benefits, but your skin does feel much smoother once it’s all done.

From there, I relaxed in the pools and the roman baths after having enjoyed a qui gong and yoga practice. It was quite the pampering, calming experience.

The only negative I noticed is that it can be hard to relax sometimes because there are so many people there, and a lot are groups drinking and celebrating. They can get a little loud and fast in an environment that is meant to be so peaceful. But it wasn’t too big of a distraction on my relax day.


Glen Ivy truly is an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend that you check it out.

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