This Beautiful Trail Would Have Been so Much Better if We Weren’t in a Drought

Grotto trail is a 2.7 mile loop near Malibu, California. While Grotto trail really does have it all- flowing water, waterfalls, fields, mountains, and incredibly scenic views, make sure you head out there on the right day. What I mean by that is this- if you are in a drought or if there just hasn’t been any rain, you will miss out on an opportunity to see this trail at its finest.

The day we went was not only in the summer, but it was shortly after a large fire, and there was no water to be found. While you could see where the waterfall once stood strong, it was now dried up and empty. Once we got to the end of the trail, we found the small remanence of a stream, and that was all the water in existence on the trail. While we could see where the water used to pour around all of the rocks at the end of the trail and image how glorious it was, it wasn’t the same since we couldn’t experience it for ourselves. We could see where the water had faded the rocks and stained them with its level over time, but it was nowhere to be found on this day. The golden grains of grass and scenic views did help to still make the trail worth it, but it wasn’t the same. I hope to make it back when there is water there.

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