Here’s Some Advice From Flight Attendants to Make Your Busy Summer Travel More Manageable

As you know, airports are busiest during summer because of the increased demand for air travel. They’re even more insanely busy now with the release of the COVID-19 pandemic requirements, as people are traveling in record numbers. In fact, a lot of flights are being canceled for various reasons. As such, it is typical that you will get a rescheduling notification, especially if you booked your flight a few months ago. Nevertheless, several flight attendants have given some tips for a manageable trip. So, here is some advice from flight attendants to make your summer travel more manageable.

Download the Airline App

Keep in mind that you will encounter long lines once you arrive at the airport. However, you can avoid these long queues by downloading the app of the airline you’re using. The app can provide you with the information about your flight. Aside from that, you can also use it to get your boarding pass and track your bags. Plus, it will update you quickly if your flight gets canceled. Especially right now during the chaos, we heavily advise you to ditch the heavy luggage and take carry-on bags only! While doing this, you can easily check in, get your boarding passes, and head straight to security without having to wait in a single line (until the security line, that is).

Take an Earlier Flight

One of the best pieces of advice from flight attendants to make your summer travel more manageable is to fly earlier, preferably more than a day earlier. This tip is crucial for those who are attending a special occasion. Remember, flights are usually delayed this season. You can avoid missing the event by flying in a day or two earlier than the event.

Aside from that, you can also take the first flight in the morning. The reason is that morning flights are not canceled as often as flights later in the day. Plus, you will also have more time to rebook your flight in case it is canceled.


Pack Smart

Another great tip for summer travel is to pack smart. It is better to put all your things in a carry-on bag to avoid the long lines for checking bags. Additionally, you have to make sure that your bag will fit in the overhead space. Remember, a lot of passengers are stressed during this time, and some can be aggressive. For this reason, you should also avoid holding up the boarding because of your bag.

Avoid Third-Party Websites

As mentioned by many flight attendants, flights are full during summer. Most of the time, flights are oversold. Unfortunately, those who saved money by using third-party websites, like Expedia and Hotwire, are the ones being bumped first. While we always love a good trip booked through Kayak and Expedia here, it may be best to attempt getting tickets directly through an airline first.

Aside from that, you also have to remember that you won’t be seated with your family if you opt for cheap seats. It’s always worth it to book ‘economy’ over ‘basic economy’ for that reason, alone. Also, flight attendants won’t be able to help you in this matter.

Be Nice

Finally, the last on this list of advice from flight attendants to make your summer travel more manageable is to be nice. Always remember that everyone in the airport is stressed. As such, it is not beneficial for you to be mean. If you need help, you can ask the flight attendants nicely. By being nice, you can also avoid unnecessary discussions or arguments.

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