Historic Mediums and Psychics That Still Baffle Scientists

It’s no secret that the supernatural has always captivated us. From ghost stories around campfires to spine-chilling horror movies, there’s something about the unknown that grabs our imagination. But what happens when the supernatural isn’t just fiction? When people claim they can communicate with the dead, predict the future, or sense things beyond our physical world? That’s when history is made. That’s why we decided to explore some historic mediums, psychics, and paranormal stories that baffle scientists, even many, many years later.

The Fox Sisters

Picture this: It’s 1848 in Hydesville, New York, and you live in a quiet farmhouse. Suddenly, strange rapping noises start echoing through your home. This was the reality for the Fox family. Sisters Margaret and Kate, just teenagers at the time, claimed they could communicate with the source of these mysterious sounds.

Using a system of knocks and taps, they ‘talked’ with the spirits, and word quickly spread. People from all over came to witness their seances, where the spirits would answer questions with a series of knocks. It was spooky and captivating. The Fox sisters’ sessions became the talk of the town, and soon, spiritualism was a full-blown movement. Even though Margaret and Kate later admitted to hoaxing some of their performances, their impact was undeniable. They sparked a fascination with the paranormal that endures today.

But here’s the kicker: Despite their confession, many still believe that at least some of their phenomena were real. How could they have fooled so many people, including some of the brightest minds of their time, for so long? Was there something genuinely otherworldly at play, or were they just exceptionally talented performers?

Daniel Dunglas Home

Now, let’s hop across the pond to Scotland, where Daniel Dunglas Home was making headlines in the mid-19th century. This guy was the real deal—or so many believed. Home claimed to possess a wide range of supernatural abilities, but he was most famous for his levitations. Imagine sitting in a dimly lit room and suddenly seeing a man float out of a window, hover in mid-air, and then glide back inside. That’s exactly what Home’s audiences reported witnessing.

Home’s performances were attended by all sorts of notable figures, from scientists to nobility. He never accepted money for his seances, which made him even more intriguing. How could he be faking it if he wasn’t in it for the cash? Scientists of the time tried to debunk his acts, but no one could conclusively prove that Home was a fraud. Can you imagine the debates that must have raged among the intellectuals of the time? To be a fly on those walls…

Eusapia Palladino

Eusapia Palladino was an Italian medium whose life was as dramatic as her seances. Born in 1854, Palladino claimed she could channel spirits and perform physical manifestations, like moving objects without touching them. Her seances were a spectacle—tables levitating, ghostly hands appearing out of nowhere, mysterious lights flickering in the dark. It was like a horror movie, only it was happening right in front of everyone.

It wouldn’t take too long until Palladino’s seances caught the attention of some big names, including Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Charles Richet and psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso. They were so fascinated by her abilities that they conducted extensive studies, trying to understand how she did what she did. And here’s the twist: Palladino was caught cheating on several occasions. Yet, despite the fraud, some believe that not all of her phenomena could be explained by trickery.

Edgar Cayce

edgar-cayce-association-for-research-and-enlightenment-malories-adventures-weird-world-adventures (1)
Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

Let’s travel to the early 20th century and meet Edgar Cayce, also known as the “Sleeping Prophet.” Born in 1877, Cayce claimed to have the ability to enter a trance-like state and access a universal source of knowledge. He would lie down, close his eyes, and suddenly be able to diagnose illnesses, predict future events, and delve into people’s past lives. Pretty spooky, right?

It wouldn’t take too long until Cayce’s readings became incredibly popular. Unsurprisingly, the most popular of them was his medical diagnosis. People would come to him with illnesses that were unexplainable to ordinary doctors. Of course, you have to remember that this was the early 1900s we’re talking about. What is surprising is the fact that Cayce would prescribe treatments that often worked. He gave over 14,000 readings in his lifetime, and many of them were very well documented. But how did he know so much? Was it all just a lucky guesswork, or did he truly tap into some higher consciousness? We’ll probably never know.

Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan was a Scottish medium born in 1897, who became famous for her dramatic seances involving ectoplasm—a mysterious, ghostly substance that supposedly manifested spirits. Duncan’s seances were theatrical, with spirits appearing in ectoplasmic form, communicating with attendees. But Duncan’s story takes a dramatic turn during World War II. In 1941, during one of her seances, she revealed the sinking of the HMS Barham—a fact that was still classified information. This revelation led to her arrest under the Witchcraft Act of 1735, making her one of the last people in the UK to be tried and imprisoned for witchcraft.

Supporters argue that her knowledge of the HMS Barham’s sinking proves her psychic abilities. Skeptics, however, believe she must have had access to classified information somehow. How did she know such precise details? To this day, this question remains a fascinating puzzle.

Florence Cook

Florence Cook was another Victorian medium whose seances were the talk of the town. Born in 1856, Cook is best known for her spirit guide, Katie King. Cook’s sessions were attended by prominent figures, including Sir William Crookes, a distinguished chemist and physicist. Crookes was so impressed by what he witnessed that he became one of Cook’s most ardent supporters. He conducted several experiments to test the authenticity of Cook’s abilities and concluded that she was genuine.

However, like many mediums of her time, Cook was also accused of fraud. There were instances where Katie King was revealed to be Cook herself, dressed in a white sheet. Despite these accusations, many who attended her seances were convinced of her genuine abilities. I mean, how else would she have been able to convince so many intelligent and skeptical people?

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