How Crystals Can Help You on Your Manifestation Journey

Crystals are so much more than just pretty stones. They are powerful spiritual tools that can help you on your manifestation journey and get in touch with your inner self. When used correctly, they can enhance your energy, focus, and intention. If you’re looking for a way to manifest your dreams, but you’re not sure where to start — I would highly recommend getting your hands on some crystals. Here’s how to use crystals for manifestation. 

Choose Wisely 

You have to be wise when choosing your manifestation crystals because some of them are particularly powerful. Citrine, for example, is known as the stone of abundance and is said to attract wealth, success, and prosperity. Amethyst is another powerful crystal that can help with manifestation and spiritual growth, as it enhances intuition and wisdom. Other crystals that can help with manifestation include clear quartz, rose quartz, and selenite.

Educate Yourself 

When buying crystals, you have to make sure you truly understand their power. It’s important to educate yourself, and learn more about the crystals you’ve chosen. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties and metaphysical abilities. They are believed to have unique vibrations that can help balance and align the energy of the body, mind, and spirit. Each crystal has its own energy, color, and power. Therefore, they can affect the chakras and the overall energy field of the person using them.

Set Intentions 

Before using crystals for manifestation, it’s important to set clear intentions. This means being specific about what you want to manifest and why you want to manifest it. Write it down in a manifestation journal and be as specific as possible. Once you have set your intentions, you can use your crystals to enhance and amplify your energy and focus. You can hold your crystals in your hands or place them on your body while meditating or visualizing your goals.


You probably already know that visualization is an important aspect of manifestation. But did you know that crystals can help enhance this practice? By holding a crystal in your hands while visualizing your desires, you can amplify your energy and focus and create a stronger connection to the Universe. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated or time-consuming. Just grab the crystal of your choice, get in a comfortable position, and start to visualize the life you desire. 


Use Them Daily

Crystals are such powerful spiritual tools that it would be a waste to only use them only for meditation and manifestation sessions. Instead, try to incorporate them into your daily routine. This can include wearing crystal jewelry, carrying them in your purse or pocket, or placing them in your home or workspace. By surrounding yourself with the energy of crystals, you can help maintain a positive and focused mindset that is aligned with your goals. Again, make sure you inform yourself about the crystals that you are using.

Trust the Process

Lastly, it’s important to trust the process and have faith in the power of manifestation. Using crystals can be a helpful tool, but ultimately it is your own energy and intention that will manifest your dreams. By letting go of doubts and fears and focusing on positive outcomes, you can create a powerful energy field that will attract you to the things in life you desire the most. Just remember, what you seek is seeking you.

Kanita Bajrami

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