How Crystals Make Astral Traveling Easy

Astral traveling, also known as astral projection, is the ability to consciously leave the physical body and explore different planes of existence. It is a practice that has fascinated spiritual seekers and explorers for centuries. And even though we’re more familiar with physical travel, we decided to give this practice a closer look as well. What really made it interesting for us, is that crystals are one of the best-known ways to enhance your astral travel journey. So, let’s explore how that actually works.

The Power of Crystals:

Crystals have long been revered for their unique energetic properties and their ability to amplify and channel energy. They are believed to hold ancient wisdom and can be used as tools for spiritual growth and exploration. It’s no secret that we’re huge believers in the power of crystals. From meditation to emotional healing, there’s so much that they can help us with. But when it comes to astral traveling, certain crystals are particularly effective in assisting with the process.


Amethyst, with its soothing purple hue, is a crystal known for its protective and calming properties. It can create a safe and serene environment for astral travel. Amethyst is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and clarity, making it easier to navigate the astral realm with a focused and clear mind. Its energy can help protect the astral traveler from negative influences and promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility.


Labradorite, with its iridescent flashes of color, is a crystal that stimulates intuition and psychic abilities. It is often referred to as the “stone of magic” and is believed to enhance one’s ability to perceive and interpret subtle energies. When used during astral travel, labradorite can help in connecting with higher realms and receiving guidance from spiritual beings. Its energy can assist in expanding consciousness and accessing deeper levels of awareness.


Selenite, with its ethereal white appearance, is a crystal known for its cleansing and protective properties. It can create a shield of light around the astral traveler, keeping negative energies at bay. Selenite is also believed to facilitate communication with higher beings and enhance spiritual insight, making it an ideal crystal for astral travel. Its energy can help purify the energy field and create a harmonious environment for the astral journey.


How to Use Crystals for Astral Traveling:

To harness the power of crystals for astral traveling, it is recommended to choose a crystal that resonates with your intentions and energy. You can hold the crystal in your hand but also place it near your body during meditation or before sleep. Then, visualize the crystal’s energy enveloping you and supporting your astral journey. You can also create a crystal grid or place crystals around your sleeping area to enhance the astral travel experience. Trust your intuition and allow the crystal’s energy to guide and assist you in your astral exploration. And finally, you will be able to arrive at your destination.

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