How Embracing the Off Season Can Benefit Your Adventures

Traveling is one of the most rewarding activities in the world.  However, traveling post-COVID has been a whirlwind. It seems like every place is packed with tourists. And it’s not too hard to understand why — everyone had to put their love for traveling on hold during the pandemic. Now that most restrictions are lifted, most of us just want to go out and explore the world. That’s why I would wholeheartedly recommend embracing off season. Here’s why. 

Prices are significantly lower 

This is obvious, right? If you decide to travel off season, you can be certain that you will save some money on both your flight and accommodation. And that’s not the only thing, lots of restaurants and cafes also lower their prices once the tourist season is over. In addition to that, it will also be a lot easier to get reservations.

Locals are more patient

You will notice that the locals are a lot nicer and more patient when there aren’t thousands of tourists around. And who wouldn’t be? The streets are less hectic, and it’s easier to get around. The whole atmosphere is a lot calmer, and it will be so much easier to connect to other people. 

You will blend in better

Another reason why you should travel off season is that you will look less like a tourist. This kind of ties back to the previous reason. You will feel a lot more comfortable in your new location, and more like a traveler than a tourist. You will get a more realistic idea of what it is like to live in that place, and you won’t feel as peer pressured to visit all the hotspot locations. Instead, you will be free to explore the places that you are organically interested in. 

It’s easier to take photos 

Sure, we don’t travel just to take pictures. But most of us still like to create content and have some beautiful memories to share with our loved ones when we arrive back home. And there isn’t anything more annoying than taking a picture with dozens of people in the background. But when you travel off season, you will be able to snap some stunning, Instagram-worthy photos without having to edit anyone out of the photo.


No long lines

From lines at the airport to lines in the museum. While you’re traveling during the tourist season you will have to waste a lot of time waiting in lines. But things are different for off season travel. You will be able to enjoy your trip a lot more, and it will be so much easier and less frustrating to go to museums, popular bars, amusement parks, or historic monuments. 

You will feel safer

Last but not least — you will feel a lot safer while traveling off season. It can be so overwhelming to be in a huge crowd of people. You have to be extremely careful, and very cautious of your surroundings. That constant state of alertness keeps us from enjoying our vacation to the fullest. That’s why slow-season travel is so rewarding.

Kanita Bajrami

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