How Recognition Technology is Adding a Sense of Ease to Your Trips

Not too terribly long ago, recognition technology was a concept linked to science fiction. However, today’s technological advancements have allowed various industries to use this kind of technology in everyday life. In fact, recognition technology is being used frequently in the tourism industry due to its many benefits. One, in particular, is that it can enhance your travel experience. To give you a better view, here are some ways recognition technology can add a sense of ease to your trips.

It Speeds Up Checkpoint Processing

Today, many airports are now using recognition technology to speed up the process at checkpoints, like boarding gates and passport control. Through this technology, you don’t have to wait in long lines to get your boarding pass or passport checked.

And airports are not the only sector using this. The Royal Caribbean cruise, for example, is using this technology to reduce the processing time of its passengers. Today, their passengers can look at a camera. From there, the device will check the US Traveler Verification Service for their facial characteristics.

It Increases Security

One of the best ways recognition technology can add a sense of ease to your trips is through an increase in security. For instance, hotels can use recognition technology to verify their identity. After verification, the hotel can give you access to a room and other facilities.

Aside from that, recognition technology can also be used to prevent a crime. As you know, people go in and out of a hotel every day. However, some hotels have limited security. With recognition technology, a hotel can quickly check an internal database for suspicious individuals. If a person has a bad record, the hotel staff will be alerted immediately. From there, they will be more alert and cautious, which can help prevent a crime.


It Allows You to Make Quick Payments

The last on this list is that it can add a sense of ease to your tips is by allowing you to make quick yet secure payments. An example of this is conducted via MasterCard. As you know, this credit card company has started experimenting with “selfie pay.” This system allows you to confirm your payments through recognition technology and your smartphone.

Recognition technology can also be used by various tourism companies, like hotels and restaurants, to speed up payment processing. Plus, these establishments can also use it to identify loyal members. From there, discounts can be automatically applied to their final payment without requiring discount codes or loyalty cards.

Maria Dolores Garcia

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