How to Use Crystals to Uncover Paranormal Energy in Your Home

Have you ever experienced something weird and unexplainable in the comfort of your own home? Something like a sudden drop in temperature, maybe an unusual shadow in the corner of your eye, or even the persistent feeling of being watched? I know — it can’t get worse than that. Especially if you’re someone who already strongly believes in the paranormal. However, did you know that crystals can help you with that? When used right, your beloved crystals can actually help you uncover paranormal energy in your own home. And that’s exactly the topic of today’s article. Let’s discuss crystals for paranormal energy.

Our Crystal Companions


Before we dive into the crystal realm, let’s get one thing straight – crystals are more than just cute decor. You can even think of them as your trusty companions on a ghost-hunting adventure. Some crystals, like the steadfast amethyst and the protective black tourmaline, are like the fearless adventurers of the crystal world. They have the power to absorb negative energy and replace it with a burst of positivity. Strategically placing these crystals around your home, particularly in spaces that give you the spooks, can be like inviting an army of positivity and light energy.

Clear Quartz

Now, imagine clear quartz as the energetic vacuum cleaner your home craves. Just as a vacuum sweeps away dirt, clear quartz has the power to suck up lingering bad vibes, leaving your space feeling as fresh and vibrant as a blooming garden. Simply position a sizable clear quartz near windows or doorways, and let it soak up the sunlight like a sponge. The result? A home that feels as light and breezy as a sunny day.


Meet selenite, your home’s vigilant guardian against all things eerie. Picture it as the mystical bouncer at a paranormal party – it screens out unwanted vibes, allowing only the good energies to enter. Placing a piece of selenite by your front door acts as a protective barrier, preventing negative energy from taking a stroll into your sanctuary. This radiant white crystal acts as a sentinel, ensuring that your space remains peaceful, but also safe.

Rose Quartz


Ever wished your home could use a comforting hug? That’s where rose quartz steps in, wrapping your surroundings in a warm, gentle embrace of love and positivity. This soothing pink crystal has a knack for creating an atmosphere of harmony and tenderness. Consider placing a piece on your bedside table or even in your living room – it’s like infusing your home with a serene and caring touch.


If you’re aiming to turn the positivity dial all the way up, then citrine is your crystal ally. Imagine it as the amplifier that cranks up the volume on all things joyful and uplifting. The trick? Let citrine bask in sunlight near your windows. Like a solar panel, it absorbs sunlight and transforms it into a burst of energetic enthusiasm. As this crystal magnifies the positive vibrations around it, your home becomes a hub of cheerful energy.

Kanita Bajrami

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