How to Use Randonautica

Over the past few years, the Randonautica app has been gaining popularity because it provides a one-of-a-kind experience. In fact, many users have already shared their thrilling stories about the app. For this reason, a lot of people are wondering how Randonauting is done. The good news is that this activity is simple and fun. So, here are the steps to using Randonautica.

What is Randonautica?

As mentioned, Randonautica is a mobile app that generates random coordinates in your area. As such, its focal concept is to encourage users to explore their communities with a specific idea or intention in mind. Supposedly, the person Randonauting will find something related to their intention in the given coordinates. For example, many users shared their scary stories about finding coffins when they set “death” as an intention. Others, on the other hand, found cute objects, such as fairy and unicorn figurines when they’ve set more light-hearted intentions.

Steps to Using Randonautica

1. Download the Randonautica App

The first step to using the Randonautica app is to download it from either Google Play or iOS store. Like other mobile apps, it will require you to choose a language, accept the terms and conditions, and choose a user name. Also, you will be required to turn on your GPS to use the app.

2. Attractor, Anomaly, and Void

One of the vital steps to using Randonautica is to know the meaning of attractor, anomaly, and void. Keep in mind that the app will ask you which area you like to visit; thus, you must know their definitions.

The term “attractor” refers to an area with high concentrations of quantum points. To be specific, the place is considered by the Randonautica app as significant. The opposite of “attractor” is “void.” As such, the area has sparse quantum points. Despite being less significant than an “attractor,” a “void” can be more relevant to your chosen intention. Finally, the term “anomaly” refers to an area believed to be influenced by the thoughts of humans.


3. Collect Owl Tokens

Keep in mind that you need Owl Tokens to start your quest. The good news is that you don’t have to spend money. You can collect 150 Owl Tokens every day for free. All you have to do is to visit the “Shop” section and click the “Daily Tokens” icon.

4. Randonauting

Finally, the last on this list of steps to using Randonautica is to start your quest. Before beginning your journey, the app will let you choose between blind spots or anomalies. You can choose whatever you like and click the “Generate” icon.

Afterward, the app will let you set an intention. After a couple of minutes, it will provide coordinates related to your intention. If you’re satisfied with the generated location, you can click the “Start Trip” icon. You can also choose another location by choosing “Generate New Point.” Once you pick “Start Trip,” the app will redirect you to Google Maps to begin your quest.

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