Into the Woods: Gorgeous Forest Hikes to Celebrate Fall’s Palette

Fall is finally here, and it’s here in its full force! Every passionate hiker knows that this is just the best season for a relaxing forest hike. With the leaves turning red, orange, gold and brown, the woods come alive. And is there anything more beautiful than getting lost in this colorful leafy beauty? So, if you’re looking for the perfect spot for your next fall hike, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most gorgeous forest hikes to celebrate the colors of fall.

Adirondack Park, New York


Nestled in upstate New York, Adirondack Park is a paradise for leaf peepers. With over six million acres of pristine wilderness, it boasts an incredible diversity of trees, each putting on its own unique show. From the sturdy oaks to the graceful maples, every species adds its brushstroke to this fall masterpiece. Explore the rugged trails of the High Peaks region or take a leisurely stroll around the picturesque Mirror Lake. As you hike beneath the vibrant landscape, you’ll find yourself lost in the calmness of the rustling leaves and the smell of fall. All of these sensations will help you connect even deeper with the magic of fall.

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The Great Smoky Mountains, straddling the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, offer an ethereal hiking experience during the fall season. It’s a place where the mountains seem to kiss the sky and the valleys fill with a smoky mist that mingles with the fiery foliage, creating a magical ambiance. Venture along the Appalachian Trail, where the sound of your footsteps blends with the whisper of leaves underfoot. Or embark on the Clingmans Dome hike for panoramic views of the kaleidoscope below. It’s a hike that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Aspen, Colorado

If you’re seeking a unique fall experience, look no further than Aspen, Colorado. Known for its groves of aspen trees, this Rocky Mountain gem transforms into a golden wonderland during autumn. The very air seems to shimmer with the golden glow of aspen leaves, and the peaks stand as stoic sentinels against the changing seasons. The Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness offers an array of hiking options, including the stunning Maroon Lake Scenic Trail. Amidst the golden groves and snow-capped peaks, you’ll find serenity and awe, a moment to pause and reflect.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia


Shenandoah National Park, with its iconic Skyline Drive, is a fall favorite for many. The park’s 200,000 acres are a canvas painted with the fiery hues of oaks, maples, and hickories. Here, you can drive through a tunnel of colors that stretch as far as the eye can see, a breathtaking journey through nature’s grandeur. Take a leisurely drive along Skyline Drive or challenge yourself with a hike up Old Rag Mountain, where you’ll find boulders draped in vibrant mosses and trees standing tall, their leaves ablaze. It’s more than a scenic drive or a challenging hike. This is also an invitation to reconnect with nature.

Hoh Rainforest, Washington

While most people associate fall with fiery colors, the Hoh Rainforest in Washington offers a different kind of fall experience. Nestled within Olympic National Park, this lush temperate rainforest remains green year-round. It’s a place where ancient trees, draped in emerald moss, create a cathedral-like atmosphere. The juxtaposition of vibrant maples against towering evergreens creates a surreal, almost mystical atmosphere. Hike the Hall of Mosses Trail for an otherworldly journey into nature’s cathedral, where the green hues of ferns and mosses contrast with the fiery colors of the leaves. It’s a place that just reminds you of fall’s brilliance, and it’s power to regain supreme.

Kanita Bajrami

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