Jungle Vacation Ideas for Adventure Lovers

A rainforest is an excellent destination for those seeking a real adventure. These places are filled with unusual creatures and tropical plants, making your vacation one-of-a-kind. Plus, some rainforest destinations have other attractions, like treetop bridges and zip lines, that will add fun and excitement to your trip. So, what are some of the best jungle vacation ideas for adventure lovers?

Olympic National Park – Washington

The Olympic National Park is situated in the Pacific Northwest, and it has a vast rainforest with lots of coniferous trees and mosses. Aside from the plants and trees, this jungle is also home to rare animals, including black bears, river otters, mountain lions, and bobcats.

Aside from wildlife viewing, there are other activities you can do at Olympic National Park. For instance, you can hike the Hurricane Hill Trail to see lots of amazing views. You can also rent a boat to catch some fish at Lake Crescent. Also, you can visit Rialto Beach if you want to relax.

Iquitos – Peru


The city of Iquitos is one of the best jungle vacation ideas for adventure lovers. As you know, this port city is the gateway to the tribal villages and jungle lodges of the northern Amazon in Peru.

The jungle in Iquitos is one-of-a-kind. It features several exotic plants and flowers, like orchids and monkey brush vines. Aside from that, it is also the home of different monkey species, including capuchins, tamarins, squirrel monkeys, and howler monkeys. Other fascinating creatures in the rainforest are macaw parrots, pink river dolphins, and many more.

Aside from visiting the jungle, there are other activities you can do in Iquitos. For example, you can take a cruise on the Amazon River. You can also visit the Amazon Rescue Center to see and feed the adorable manatees.

Coca – Ecuador


The city of Coca in Ecuador is one of the gateways to the Amazon Rainforest. Aside from that, this place is also the home of some of the best Amazon lodges.

As you know, the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador has won a lot of rewards, thanks to the different variety of plants and animals you can see in this jungle. Aside from monkeys, colorful birds and fascinating reptiles are living in this place. Plus, you will also see tons of attractive plants.

Aside from wildlife viewing, the city of Coca also offers guided canoe tours. You can also visit the Yasuni clay lick to see colorful parrots. Because of its many tourist attractions, it is not surprising that this city is included in this list of the best jungle vacation ideas for adventure lovers.

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