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The Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Have you ever wanted to go husky sledding? Ever wanted to be pulled in a sled by reindeer? Well, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the perfect place to live out your dream winter activities! My husband and I went to Kakslauttanen in late December, and there are so many amazing things about it that I’ll have to break it up into a few posts.

For this entry, I’d like to focus on the activities. Kakslauttanen is so full of culture. I’ve never experienced such rich and unique culture before, and the activities were the highlight to this unbelievable experience. On our trip, we participated in three activities, though there are dozens that you can try. (We missed out on ice fishing, snow mobile rides, and more! But we were so happy with the three we chose.) The first activity we took part in was horseback riding in the snow.

I’ve grown up riding horses, but riding in the snow was such a different, magical experience. There were trees draped around us as we trotted through the snow on horseback. The trees were hanging over our heads, covered in a shining, crystal covering of ice. We passed frozen rivers, fields of glistening white, and went through snow-covered forests. The horses were so friendly and loving, and I made a few new cat friends in the barn.

Next, we went reindeer sledding. I’d never seen a reindeer up close before, and that alone was enchanting. Damian and I got into a small sled that was led by a reindeer. Our reindeer sled was tied to a reindeer behind us which was tied to another sled and so on, making a chain of reindeer sleds. The reindeer behind us put his head right in between ours as he went running through the woods in the moonlight. We took a break at a winter tee pee in the woods. We sat by the firelight in the tee pee and were served hot juice from an iron teapot boiling on the fire. The warm juice made of mixed berries was served in wooden cups (so the cups wouldn’t freeze), and it was delicious. Sitting in a winter tee pee in the firelight drinking hot juice from a wooden cup is one of my favorite memories.

The highlight of the trip, however, was the husky sledding. As we gathered by a sled to learn how to drive it, the huskies were tied up in the distance waiting to run. I’ve never seen happier animals in my life. They couldn’t wait to run and lead the sled. They were crying out and pulling, just waiting for the signal to go. Once we pushed off and gave them the signal, they took off. They were mostly Siberian huskies, and they were beautiful dogs. As I drove them through the snow passed fields, snow-covered fences, and frozen lakes, I couldn’t help but smile.

Each sled consisted of five or six dogs, and my husband and I switched being passenger and driver in the middle of the journey. Hand signals were used to alert the sledders in front of and behind us as to whether we were slowing, stopping, or going. Upon the completion of our journey, we arrived at a winter tee pee. We entered the small, triangular building and sat around the warm fire. We were served more hot juice by the fire along with hot stew. Eating the stew by the fire in the winter tee pee was something I will never forget.

For each activity, the resort provided a warm thermal jumpsuit to go over our jackets and winter attire. It was the perfect shield from the extreme arctic temperatures. What a unique experience. I can’t WAIT to go back to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. More to come on Kakslauttanen soon!

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