Lukomir: The Bosnian Mountain Village Frozen In Time

Social media, hustle culture, and the fear of missing out. Living in this modern world really takes a toll on both our mental and physical health. As many advantages as technology brings, it’s also associated with a lot of additional stress. How amazing would it be to find a time machine and go back in time? At least for a couple of days. However, what if we told you that you don’t need to travel back in time to actually get a feel for the good old days? All you need is a plane ticket to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because the green, enormous mountains of this Balkan country hide a small village that seems to be frozen in time, Lukomir. And the best part of this? Residents of this mountain village are friendly Bosnian people who may welcome you with coffee, pita, and baklava.

Where is Lukomir?

Almost 28 years after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended, this small country in Southeastern Europe seems to finally be getting back on its feet. The capital city is bustling with its diverse culture, stunning museums, and breathtaking landscapes. When visiting the Balkans, many people focus on exploring countries such as Croatia and Bulgaria. But you should know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually a hidden gem.

When visiting Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should also make sure you devote a day to visiting the beautiful mountains surrounding this historic city. One of them is Bjelašnica. The Olympic mountain Bjelašnica has a lot to offer, from beautiful nature to modern ski resorts. But another thing that this mountain hides is a small village named Lukomir, where you can still experience life the way it was hundreds of years ago.

Just 28 miles away from the city lights of Sarajevo, residents of Lukomir still bake their own bread, produce their own food, and live an easy and traditional lifestyle. The semi-nomadic tribe that inhibits this village lives here only during the warmer months, as the hard winter conditions and meter-high snowfalls make it impossible to be there from November until March. However, if you ever find yourself in Bosnia during the spring and summer, make sure that you visit this magical place.

What to see in Lukomir?

If you are looking for a moment of peace then this is the place for you. But you have to understand that getting to this village won’t be a piece of cake. The last 11 kilometers on the road from Sarajevo to Lukomir are narrow and partially macadam. If you decide to hike, take your time and bring enough water and snacks with you. The hike is suitable for most people, regardless of their fitness level.


When you finally arrive, you will notice that there are only 50 homes, but thousands of sheep. These adorable sheep are kept in stone enclosures at night and guarded by Bosnian sheepdogs called Tornjak. After your hike, you’ll probably feel a bit hungry. But lucky for you, this is the perfect opportunity to taste some Bosnian cuisine. While there are no fancy restaurants in this village, you can buy organic food from local families. If you’re lucky enough, a warm pita straight from a rustic wood oven will be waiting for you.

It’s possible to spend the night in this stunning place. But you have to make sure you book a cabin beforehand. There is a very limited number of accommodations in this small village, and many of them are booked months in advance. While this village is very welcoming to tourists from all over the world, the residents still put their peace before anything. That’s why you will never witness it being overcrowded by foreign people.

Kanita Bajrami

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