It’s been a fun and exciting experience setting up Malorie’s Adventures for everyone; therefore, I thought I’d do something fun for you. Re-launching this blog, mixed with a new secret pilot I’m working on, meant that it was time to do an adventure photoshoot! This photo set by Dan Peterson was the perfect tool to really take both Malorie’s Adventures’ and my new pilot’s marketing to the next level. Which photo is your favorite?

I wanted these photos to have an old adventure feel to them mixed with the vibe from those intense paranormal show marketing photos. They were shot in studio with backdrops that my photographer had printed. They’re supposed to feel dramatic and moody while also being well-lit and fun.

If you’re looking to see more of the photoshoots I’ve done recently, be sure to check out this one and this one! And if you’re looking for something more adventures, check out the “Onto the Next” adventure selection below!

Thank you for all of your support in continuing to make Malorie’s Adventures a success. Happy trails! And here’s to the next adventure!

Onto the Next Adventure:

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