Mind-Blowing World Facts They Don’t Teach in School 

Education is important, we already know that. However, as fun as it is to attend classes and learn new things, there are certain facts that they just don’t teach in school. Luckily — that’s what we’re here for! We decided to help you escape the boundaries of traditional school teachings and share with you some weird world facts. From the oldest living organism to mysterious deep water creatures — these facts are going to make you question your geography knowledge.

The Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth

The isolated community of Oymyakon, tucked away in the center of Siberia, is the world’s coldest inhabited site. The people of Oymyakon, who endured winter temperatures that dropped to a bone-chilling -50°C (-58°F), are living examples of how resilient people can be when faced with harsh circumstances. A little number of people live in this chilly village in spite of the severe weather. This also proves how remarkably adaptive humans are to flourish in a wide range of difficult conditions.

The Oldest Living Organism on Earth

Pando, sometimes referred to as the Trembling Giant, is an old stand of quivering aspen trees in Utah, USA. Different from a conglomerate of individual trees, Pando is a single organism linked by an extensive subterranean root system. Pando is one of the oldest known organisms on Earth, estimated to be over 80,000 years old. As such, it provides a unique perspective on the tenacity and endurance of the interrelated ecosystems found in nature.

The Most Linguistically Diverse Country

Given that more than 800 different languages are spoken there, Papua New Guinea is an unique language treasure trove. The nation’s exceptional linguistic diversity is a reflection of its diverse cultural heritage. But also the many methods that different communities have managed to preserve their native tongues over time. Papua New Guinea is a linguistic melting pot that embraces the diversity of human expression and communication. Every corner is embraced here — from sleepy mountain villages to busy coastal metropolis.


The Largest Living Structure on Earth

The Great Barrier Reef, the biggest living structure on Earth as well as the world’s largest coral reef system, is located off the coast of Australia. This biodiversity hotspot, which stretches over 1,400 miles and is visible from space, is teeming with marine life and colorful coral formations. The breathtaking beauty and biological significance of the Great Barrier Reef never cease to amaze. However, it did have to suffer the challenges of climate change and human activity.

The Deepest Point on Earth

The Challenger Deep, located in the western Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, is the lowest place on Earth. It reaches an unbelievable maximum depth of 36,070 ft at its lowest point. Unique and mysterious deep-sea species that are suited to survive in the intense pressure and darkness of the ocean’s depths can only be found in this abyssal zone. How important this place is also proves the fact that new discoveries on Earth’s geology and the ability of life to survive under the harshest conditions are constantly being made exclusively by ongoing exploration of the Mariana Trench.

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