Hi, everyone. I wanted to be a little more informal in this post and just provide you all with my upcoming travel schedule so you can see what you can anticipate coming up soon.

I have also created a series of polls to see what you are most interested in to cater my content to fit with that.

Please check out and participate in the following polls:

The Schedule

  • October 2019- I will be in the State of Yucatan to celebrate the Day of the Dead
  • November 2019- I will be in Honduras reviewing a new resort
  • December 2019- I’ll be back on the East Coast visiting Virginia
  • February 2020- I’ll be participating in a workshop at the Monroe Institute which teaches out-of-body experiences, deeper meditation, and universal awareness.
  • May 2020- I will be volunteering for penguin research in South Africa.

And there will be more trips in the works around this! Thank you all for following my adventures! I can’t wait to show you more of the world!

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