Mythical Creatures And Their Rational Explanations

For centuries, human folklore and mythology revolved around mystical creatures. These creatures, which are frequently portrayed as magical and supernatural, have captivated people’s imaginations across the globe.

While many people think that these beings are entirely made up, some think they might have been inspired by actual animals or natural events. But is that actually possible? Or are they just the product of our imagination? To learn the truth, we made the decision to investigate the cultural and scientific backgrounds of these creatures.



Dragons are mythical creatures that are frequently portrayed as large, reptilian beasts with wings and the power to exhale fire. They can be found in the mythologies of many different nations, including Middle Eastern, Asian, and European folklore. Although most people think of dragons as a myth, there are theories that suggest they were actually influenced by real animals.

According to one idea, prehistoric people might have mistaken dinosaur bones for the bodies of dragons when they found them. It’s possible that the finding of big bones and teeth sparked people’s imaginations and inspired tales about dragons. Other scientists think that sightings of huge reptiles, like monitor lizards or crocodiles, could be the cause. In one of the castles I visited in Czechia, the royalty had an alligator head on display, claiming that they had slayed a dragon.


Unicorns are mythical creatures frequently showed as horse-like animals with a single horn on their head. They represent beauty and innocence and have appeared in many mythology and folktales. Although unicorns are usually connected with fiction, there are a few ideas that indicate they might have been modeled after actual animals.

A theory suggests that the idea of unicorns might have come from seeing specific types of deer. Certain deer have little bony protuberances on their foreheads that resemble a single horn, like the Indian muntjac. The possibility exists that the legend surrounding unicorns originated from this type of thing coupled with human storytelling impulses.



Half-fish, half-human mythical beings are collectively referred to as mermaids. They tend to be presented as lovely creatures with a fish’s tail and a woman’s upper body. Mermaids have been a part of maritime folklore and have captivated the hearts and minds of sailors and fishermen all through history.

Although mermaids are a myth, there are ideas that imply the mythology around them may have originated from observations of aquatic animals like manatees or dugongs. These aquatic creatures, which resemble humans, are known to live in coastal waterways. These animals may have been mistaken for mermaids by sailors, particularly on long sea trips.


Bigfoot, also referred to as Sasquatch, and the Yeti are mythical beings often described as massive, hairy, ape-like creatures that reside in remote regions of the wilderness. There have been stories of sightings and encounters with these creatures all across the world. But especially in the Himalayas and North America.

Numerous explanations have been put up to explain the sightings, even if the existence of Bigfoot and the Yeti is still up for debate. Some speculate that these animals might be mistaken for well-known species like big apes or bears. Other individuals think the sightings could be the result of folklore passed down through the years, hoaxes, or incorrect interpretations of natural events.

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