Netflix’s Newest Hit Series Was Filmed In This Underrated European Country

Did you, just like me, binge-watch the whole first season of Netflix’s newest teenage drama show, Wednesday? If the answer is yes, you probably couldn’t help but admire all of the beautiful landscapes that were featured in it. I just had to wonder where it was filmed. To my surprise, the country in question is Romania, a very underrated European country.

To be fair, thinking about it, Romania definitely fits the whole Wednesday vibe. It is the land of vampires and fairies, after all. However, all of the stunning buildings and castles that were featured in the episodes were completely new to me. So I decided to do some research and find out what else Romania has to offer.

Dracula’s homeland


As I have previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time that Romania is linked to something spooky and strange. Dracula, Bram Stoker’s famous fictional novel was actually inspired by a figure in Romanian history named Vlad the Impaler. The famous castle of Dracula was also based on Bran Castle, which is a real castle in Romania. It’s located in Transylvania and serves as a museum that displays the art and furniture collected by Queen Marie.

Castles for days

If you are a fan of castles, then you should definitely put Romania, this underrated European country, at the top of your bucket list. Because there are hundreds of them located in this small European country. You will probably find it hard to narrow it down which ones you should visit, as each and every one of them offers something unique and special. If you are a fan of the show Wednesday, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that you can visit the castle used as the set of Nevermore Academy. The castle in question is called Cantacuzino, and it’s located in Bușteni.

Romanian beaches

In case you enjoy going to the beach more than you enjoy exploring castles, then Romania has something to offer you as well. Romania’s Black Sea coastline offers some amazing options for anyone that is looking to take some time off at the beachside. Wide sand beaches, hot summers, and modern resorts can be found in cities such as Mamaia and Vama Veche. These places also have a colorful nightlife, and the prices are considerably affordable too.


The Transfagarasan Highway

One of the most interesting things that I came across while researching Romania and all of the possible tourist attractions is the Transfagarasan highway. You might be wondering, “How can a highway be a tourist attraction?”, The answer is easy – because it looks like something completely out of this world. This is Romania’s best-known road, and it even appeared on BBC Top Gear. It’s fully open only from June to October, and it links the northern and southern sides of Lake Balea. The road is a little over 90 miles long, and it passes over the Fagaras Mountains at 2000 meters.

Kanita Bajrami

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