Off-Limits: Forbidden Places US Citizens Aren’t Allowed To Visit

You probably already know that there are some places around the world that US citizens aren’t allowed to visit without serious credentials. This list of places includes North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Turkmenistan, and more. But did you know that there are even some places in the US that you can’t visit? And what makes them even more interesting is the layer of secrecy, intrigue, and mystery surrounding them. So, if you want to find out what they are — keep reading about these forbidden places US citizens aren’t allowed to visit.

Area 51, Nevada


Nestled in the middle of the desolate Nevada desert, Area 51 is widely recognized as the most notorious and covert location in the United States. Although officially recognized, entry to this military facility is strictly forbidden, giving rise to a multitude of conspiracy theories. Particularly those involving purported alien encounters and covert experiments. The fiercely guarded area has become even more mysterious due to the absence of public access, which has led to a lot of conjecture and mythology.

The White House Situation Room

The Situation Room is a private, extremely secure room located deep beneath the White House complex that is used to track world events and plan critical choices. Serving as the center of national security, this private area is used for private conversations, important conferences, and high-stakes planning sessions. It keeps the most sensitive information about the country out of the public eye. And as interesting and fascinating as that sounds like, the ordinary US citizen has no way of ever entering this room.

Bohemian Grove, California

Tucked away in the mountains of Northern California, Bohemian Grove is a secretive community that is frequented by powerful people in commerce, politics, and entertainment. This elite yearly summer get-together uses this private redwood forest campground as a quiet getaway. Prominent figures gather in an environment protected from prying eyes, participating in conversations, performances, and customs that are kept under wraps to create an atmosphere of mystery and exclusivity.

Pine Gap, Australia (Operated by the US)

Pine Gap, a secret US satellite surveillance facility tucked away in Australia’s outback, is technically outside US boundaries, but its personnel and management are American. This remote site, which uses stringent security and confidentiality rules and forbids outside access, is essential to the world’s intelligence gathering. Its remote location and clandestine operations contribute to its air of mystery. But the fact that it isn’t easily accessible should be a relief to all of us!


Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado

Nestled deep in the untamed depths of the Colorado Rockies, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a military fortress that is meant to protect North America from threats posed by spacecraft. Built inside the walls of a granite mountain, this extremely guarded complex is closed to the public. Its stringent confidentiality and off-limits status are mandated by its importance in defending the country’s defense and carrying out strategic missions.

Kanita Bajrami

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