Planning Your Summer Vacation? Here’s Why Albania Should Be Your Number One Choice

Winter and early spring are just the perfect time to plan your summer vacation. It won’t be too hard to get a reservation, and you also have plenty of time to plan everything out in detail. You also have the chance to get some amazing deals, on both the airplane tickets and your accommodation. (So, why not try a completely new destination like Albania?)

But one question remains — where should you vacation? When it comes to Europe, Croatia has been one of the most popular destinations in the last couple of years. And for good reason! Cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Pula are absolutely show-stopping. However, considering its popularity, it can also get pretty expensive. 

So many people forget that there are other Mediterranean Balkan countries to visit besides Croatia and Greece. One of my favorites is Albania. Albania as a country has been through a lot, and it’s only in the last couple of years that tourism really started to flourish here. If you need a little bit more convincing to decide on Albania as your next summer vacation spot, then keep on reading. 

The prices are so affordable 

One of the main reasons why I would recommend Albania as your next travel destination is because the prices are so affordable. The economy is pretty rough these days, and a lot of us will have to downsize when it comes to traveling. 

You can get a coffee at an Albanian cafe for only 1€, or you can eat a whole delicious meal for as little as 5€. When it comes to hotels, they are affordable too. A night in a luxury hotel in Durrës shouldn’t cost you more than 50€. The value is unbelievable, and you can truly get more bang for your buck if you decide to vacation there.

Locals are friendly and welcoming 

Albanian locals are some of the friendliest humans that you will meet. They are welcoming, warm, down to earth, and willing to help. Most people under 40 will speak at least a little bit of English, and they will gladly invite you over for a drink or dinner, and share their unique traditions and culture with you. 

Most Balkan countries are known for having unbelievably social locals, and Albania is no different. Trust me, once you open up to them, they will start to see you as a part of their own family. Albanians love to chat, share their stories, ask you deep and personal questions, and even introduce you to their family members. If you’re an extrovert, you will absolutely thrive in Albania. 


The food is amazing 

If you ask me, Bosnia and Albania have the best cuisine in the world! They are actually pretty similar. Once you try their heavenly spinach pita (pie), you will never want to eat anything else in your life. Their specialties are mouthwatering, cooked with love, but also rich in calories. So make sure you also get in a lot of activities during your visit to Albania.

If you have a sweet tooth, Albania won’t let you down either. Just like most Balkan countries, Albania is known for its delicious baklavas. But you can also find other delicious specialties such as their version of tres leches, named trileqe, or the Albanian tulumba. 

Plenty of nature to explore 

Albania is rich in natural beauty, and you will have the opportunity to visit stunning sand beaches as well as breathtaking mountain peaks. It’s difficult to describe the beauty of this country in words, so I would highly suggest that you do a little bit of investigating yourself. 

Some of the places that I would recommend to everyone to visit include Lake Bovilla, Lukove beach, Shala River—often called the Thailand of Albania, and Mount Dajti. Most of these places are still pretty much untouched by modernization, and you will get the chance to experience the true spirit of this unique country.

Kanita Bajrami

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