An Artistic Journey in Belgrade

Malorie's Weird World Adventures
An Artistic Journey in Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia was the first place I ever visited after leaving the country for the first time. In my journey in Belgrade, I studied with the DAH Theatre before moving with my group to Herefordshire, England to continue my training in the world of theatre. Come with me as I tell you all about my biggest artistic journey in Belgrade and read the letter I wrote to my instructor after the experience.

My name is Malorie Mackey, and I’ve always had a strong passion for everything dorky and unusual. My adventures have taken me from working as an editorial writer for various travel platforms to volunteering on scientific expeditions around the world. I’ve found that the character of a location can be found in the strange and unusual attractions it has, as well as in the unique traditions of its people. I have also discovered that there’s such a market for these non-mainstream locations. Thus was born my unique paranormal adventure show “Weird World Adventures” and this podcast, which will serve as a companion to the show, featuring unique locations, as well as discussing weird history and more unusual occult topics that I’m discovering on my journey to get my Master Degree in anthropology with a specialization in mythology, folklore, and occult studies.

Come with me as I explore this weird world of ours. From ghosts to psychics to metaphysical topics to weird history to unique traditions, we’re going to discuss it all on this unique podcast. Are you ready to explore this weird world with me?