The Most Popular Travel Destinations of 2022

A lot of travel plans have been disrupted since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Since then, most of us have dreamed of a relaxing vacation or an exciting adventure. Now, the tourism industry has re-opened its doors, and many people have been making their travel dreams a reality. Finally!! So, what are the most popular travel destinations of 2022?



Now that people are becoming more comfortable visiting foreign countries again, travel experts think that Croatia will welcome a lot of tourists this year. This prediction is not surprising because this European country boasts numerous beautiful landscapes, ranging from relaxing beaches to mountain views. Aside from that, it also has a rich history and culture that most travelers will enjoy. Best of all, traveling to this place is relatively affordable.

United Arabs Emirates


One of the most popular travel destinations of 2022 is the United Arabs Emirates, specifically Dubai. In fact, this ultramodern city has been slowly going up the ranks of destination choices for the past several years. Plus, it managed to attract travelers despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason is that this place offers a lot of great things, from golden beaches to world-class dining experiences. Aside from that, it also garnered a lot of stellar reviews from travelers. To be specific, most people who have visited this place stated that it is a great tourist destination for those looking for some excitement. There has been so much hype about Dubai in the past few years, that we can only imagine it increasing more in the future years.



Another great travel destination is Mexico. According to several experts, more and more people will visit places with minimal restrictions, such as Mexico. However, that is not the only reason this country will attract a lot of tourists this year. As you know, Mexico has appealing weather. Aside from that, it also offers numerous beach destinations wherein you can do a ton of outdoor activities. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy this country because it is a budget-friendly travel destination. While the infamous beaches of Mexico are great, we also recommend a few cultural hot spots such as Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende!



Most experts think that Asian countries, like Japan, Indonesia, and Korea, will be popular this year. One reason is because of the unique culture of these countries. Plus, a lot of people are yearning to go to Korea, thanks to the popularity of K-dramas. Of course, these countries also offer stunning landscapes that will surely make any traveler’s trip a remarkable one. As such, it is not surprising that these Asian countries are included in the list of the most popular tourist destinations of 2022.

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