Quotes about Ambitious Dreaming

A few quotes that highlight ambition and some of the things they can teach us

Dreaming is something we all do from time to time. Whether it’s by cover of night, tucked into our beds, or sitting at our desk in a class. Our dreams are our heart’s desires and motivate us toward obtaining a future we think we can be happy with. Well, I personally think about my dreams and what they mean all the time. Probably more than is healthy, but that’s an article for another day.

Today I’m going to give you a few of my favorite quotes that pertain to ambitious dreaming and give a little follow up to explain what they teach and why I like them. I mean, who doesn’t like a good quote?

1. “Dreams disappear when the dreamer wakes. Every last one of them with no exceptions.” – Gilgamesh from ‘Fate/Zero’.

This quote may seem a little harsh but let me break down what I like about it. It obviously means when you wake up, your night dreams end on the surface, but looking a bit deeper, it holds a very important perspective. Someone who has ambitions that they seek, like an actor in Hollywood, loses their dream when their mind accepts a new reality. They may realize it is too hard or that the type of roles they play bring them no enjoyment. In that moment they “Wake up” and as a consequence, their dream dies. I think this quote acts as a warning to tell us not to shatter the will of our dreams and to keep dreaming. For the moment we accept otherwise, we awaken to a dead dream.

2. “A dream… It’s something you do for yourself, not for others.” – Griffith from the ‘Berserk’ anime.

Ok, not usually a good idea to take quotes from a series’ villain, but Griffith has a bunch of quotes about dreams and ambition that captivate my mind. This one is simple in its value, but simplicity does not mean lesser value. A dream, your ambition, IS something you do for yourself. We spend a great deal of our time being useful to society, people pleasing and just trying to survive, but if we can all focus in on our dream with whatever time we find, we can find the time to be ourselves. See, that’s what a dream is. Your heart’s core desire, and whether or not you achieve your dream, the pursuit of it is what I think makes you, you. A fate you choose for yourself. To deny your dream is to deny your very self. It happens of course, we all get distracted even if it wasn’t our choice. Still, we should remember that a dream is something you do for yourself. I truly think we should never forget that.


3. “Does man not eternally create a fictitious world for himself because he wants a better world than reality?” – F. Nietzsche, ‘The Will to Power’

This quote dives into the why of our dreaming. Why do we create so many fantasies as we go through our lives? I think Nietzsche nails it when he philosophized that we do not accept the cards we were dealt in life. We yearn for reality to shape itself to our will and reason, so much so that we sometimes create false realities in our perceptual views. Ever had a friend who wasn’t as much of a friend as you thought at first? The principle is the same in many of our dreams. We want the world to be a certain way, and while sometimes we see a way to get there, and others we only feel a general direction, sometimes there is no way to get there. So, we must forge a new world, half in our minds and the other in our reality. To me, this quote is important to realize we don’t always have to accept reality when our heart wants something more. We can recognize it, calculate it, but we do not have to accept what is, simply because it has been.

I hope these quotes and explanations gave you some fun mind food to chew on. I have so many more to share, but a little at a time goes a long way. See you all next time!

Damian C. King or "Vicious Avarice" graduated with a BFA from VCU in 2010 and went on to become a prolific filmmaker in Hollywood over the past decade. Though he continues to produce features under his company Fantasy Forge Films, recently, he has reignited his passion for writing, focusing on poetry and fantasy novels. In January 2022, he published the children’s book “The Christmas Monster” which can be pre-ordered here (https://pegasuspublishers.com/books/coming-soon/the-christmas-monster). He looks forward to contributing to Malorie’s Adventures and asks all to keep an eye out for his future books which always carry with them a fantastical whimsy born of the imagination.

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