Randonautica Horror Stories: The Most Terrifying Things Found while Using Randonautica

Randonautica is a popular app that sends its user to random spots. When using this app, at first, the user is asked to set an “intention.” Afterward, the app will provide coordinates to supposedly produce those desires. It seems like it was aimed at adventure lovers who were wishing for an unexpected exploration. Unfortunately, not all users have had good experiences using the app. To be specific, some users found strange and frightening things at the coordinates they were given. So, what are the most terrifying things found by users while utilizing Randonautica?

A Group of Weird People

A video uploaded by benjamin_hicks, a TikTokker, has a strange and frightening ending. It started with a pair of teenagers exploring an abandoned convent after being directed there by Randonautica. Afterward, the girl decided to dance. While dancing, the boy filming the girl noticed an odd figure behind the girl. So, they decided to go near the odd shape. At first, they saw an odd fixture. As they got closer, they saw a group of people standing with their heads down, resembling cult-like activity. The video ended with the pair and viewers wondering just what exactly they’d seen.

Dead Bodies in a Suitcase

Probably the most terrifying things found by users while utilizing Randonautica are dead bodies in a suitcase. The bodies were discovered by two Seattle teenagers who posted the video on TikTok. According to the teenagers, they were led by the app to a shoreline. There, they saw a suitcase. At first, they expected to see something valuable, like money. However, they saw some trash bags and smelled a foul odor. Afterward, they called the authorities because the suitcase contained two sets of human remains. The police confirmed that the two bodies were victims of homicide.


Shooting Victim

A video posted by Mykena is quite disturbing, as well. In her TikTok video, she explained the reason why she will never use Randonautica again. According to her, the intention she entered into the app was “death.” Then, the app sent her to a location where she saw a bleeding person on the ground. After a couple of days, she heard from the news and police investigations that the person she saw was a victim of a shooting. Luckily, the person was discovered and brought to the hospital in time.

Crime Scene

The last on this list of the terrifying things found by users while utilizing Randonautica is a crime scene. Nick Crowley is a YouTuber who chronicles crime and supernatural incidents. When he tried Randonautica, he supposedly found a crime scene. To be specific, he received coordinates and found himself in a spot filled with police vehicles. Clearly, something serious happened in that place.

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