Reasons Why Ukraine is Such an Important Country

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, and it is known for its fertile lands and rich culture. Unfortunately, these past few weeks, Russia invaded Ukraine. The news of this invasion has shocked the whole world. After all, the idea of conquering nations seems like a thing of the past in the year 2022. But here we are. A lot of people are sending their pleas to end the violence because this country is significant, like all the countries on this planet. So, what are the reasons Ukraine, in particular, is an important country?

1. It has Fertile Lands

As mentioned, Ukraine is known for its fertile lands. To be specific, the soil in this country is called “black earth” because of its ability to store more moisture than normal soil. As a result, it can produce a lot of crops, such as barley, corn, and wheat. Because of its high agricultural yield, Ukraine can supply food to a lot of countries all over the world; thus, this country is also known as the “breadbasket of Europe.”

2. It is a Great Travel Destination

One of the reasons it is an important country is because of its amazing places, rich culture, and traditions. In fact, a lot of people travel to this country to see its remarkable architecture, beautiful natural attractions, and delicious cuisine. Plus, it is a budget-friendly tourist destination, so you don’t have to spend a lot to explore this wonderful country.


Why Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is a Threat to the World?

Now that you know some of the reasons Ukraine is an important country, let’s discuss the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As mentioned, Ukraine produces large amounts of crops, like corn, wheat, and barley. For this reason, it can supply food to the world. To be specific, Ukraine is the major exporter of wheat, specifically to Asian countries. If the invasion continues, the production, selling, and transportation of crops will stop. As a result, the prices of food may surge, and a lot of people may starve. It could easily tip the balance of supply and demand in both a ‘food‘ and a ‘goods’ capacity.

As you know, war is never a pleasant thought. For one, it will lead to destruction and death. Aside from that, it will also affect the whole world on a financial, trade, and moral level. As presented, the invasion of Ukraine may lead to an increase in the prices of food products, which may cause hunger. As such, many organizations are telling us that we have to do something to help stop the invasion. Remember, you can help Ukraine even when you’re far away. For instance, you can donate to various organizations supporting the country.

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