Reddit Users Share Their Weirdest and Most Accurate Tarot Reading Sessions

Listen — I’m not someone who’s super into tarot cards and Ouija boards. I am way too analytical to rationalize spending money on services like that. However, there’s one thing that I absolutely have to admit — whenever I hear people share their stories from such readings, I get a super weird feeling in my stomach. Particularly if it’s obvious that these readers were absolutely correct. And today, I’m going to share with you some of the most interesting stories of accurate tarot readings that I was able to find on Reddit.

Encounters with an Ex

Someone was testing me, asked, “How is my ex bf doing?” I said I got an image of him standing behind a glass wall. There was a closed door but he couldn’t go through it. He was trying to get her attention, though, to say hi and that he’s fine. He seemed really happy/excited to see her. She paled but smiled and nodded; then she said, “He died a few years ago.”

Reddit user: avonsanna 

Accurate Tarot Readings: Morgan Greer Knight

Not readings I have done (where there have indeed been some ones), but by far the craziest was one someone else did for me. There were tons of pentacles… she predicted that I would meet a man the following spring and that money would be a big part of our relationship. They were using the Morgan Greer deck and one of the cards was the Knight of Pentacles, which was to represent him. March of the next year I started a relationship with a man and a big part of our early relationship was trying to start a production company together, and we got a joint bank account the second month we knew each other. He is a Taurus and looks EXACTLY like the man on the Morgan Greer Knight of Pentacles. That was over 9 years ago and we have been married for 5.

Reddit user: revengeofkittenhead 

A Message from the Moon

After my friend died I pulled a card for her and it was the Moon, she was born on a full moon and died on a full moon and she loves moon things, so I felt really comforted, like she was with me.

6 months ago I was with her partner, another of my good friends at the pub she ran and me and him both worked at. I was doing tarot for him because I’m the only one other than her who knows how to do it who he knows, me and her used to practise together.

Anyway, the first card I pull is the moon, I don’t tend to do reversals but this one was reversed and pointing upright at him. We both knew the significance so we put the card leaning against a glass of Prosecco we’d bought in her honour and said we knew she was with us.

About an hour later, I shuffled the moon card back into the deck and he asked is he could pull a card, I said sure. He shuffled them and pulled a card. The Moon, facing right at him. We both just burst into tears. I truly believe she was with us that night. I always have her with me when I’m reading tarot.

Reddit User: Deleted account 


Accurate Tarot Readings: Loud, Noisy Women

I have read on and off for myself and others for about 30 years, but there was a reading I had about 25 years ago that was incredibly accurate. My readings that I do are a bit vague this woman nailed specifics that to this day are incredibly memorable.

At the time I was a mopey single guy thinking I was never going to meet anyone and since it was before Reddit I wasn’t ready to go incel.

This woman said “I see you surrounded by women, so much talking talking noisy women all around you.”

So I now have daughters who are in musical theater and it is very noisy at my house.

Then she started talking about a woman I would meet. “Yes yes she’ll be attractive. But there’s something about her hair… no, something like a bun or something on the back of her head.” And she gestured to the back of her head.

So I did meet and marry a woman I find very attractive but…about 5 years into our relationship we discovered that my wife has Multiple Sclerosis, lesions that form on the brain. She’s doing fine, thanks for asking, but that really blew my mind.

Reddit user: dewayneestes 

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