Reddit’s Wildest Stories About Unintentionally Finding a Corpse

You know how much I love to share morbid stories I find on Reddit. And honestly, I have come across so many of them that there’s probably a never-ending supply of articles like these. However, today’s topic is probably one of the darkest and most depressing I’ve ever shared. It’s about Redditors who have unintentionally found corpses. So, without any further explanation, let’s dive right in to Reddit’s wildest stories about unintentionally finding a corpse.

Death By Cinema

Worked at a movie theatre. It was a weekday morning, so usually pretty slow for us. Went in to clean a showing of The Hateful 8, there were only two people in the theatre. One in the very back, and one towards the front.

Walk in to clean the theatre, see the guy up front. Figure he was sleeping, happens sometimes. Say a couple things to see if he’ll wake up. He does not not. Get spooked and call my manager. Manager shook him a couple of times, realized something was wrong, called the police.

Dude was dead.

User: chernygal 

Traveling Salesman

When i was 14 or 15 i worked construction with my dad. We had a job demolishing and old gas/service station that was built in the 50’s.

We had gotten done removing the whole building and were in the process of tearing up the foundation. We tore up a chunk of concrete when we noticed what seemed to be a roof to a car. We carefully tore up the concrete surrounding the car and dug all the dirt out around the car. We climbed down in the hole it was a chevy bel air and it was super cool. We noticed the front of the car was all sorts of messed up and pushed to the right.

That’s when i went to take a peek inside and saw a dead ass dude in all 1950’s attire hat and all. It was surreal. Skeleton with hair and clothes. We called the cops and a couple weeks later they called my dad and told him it was a traveling sales man from Savannah,Ga who had gone missing in the 50’s and nobody had any clue what happened to him. The cops then go to the man that had the service station built. The dude was old as shit like 90 and admitted to burying the car there. He had been drinking with the sales man and the sales man crashed his car into a train resulting in his death. So the dude who owned the service station burried the car before they layed the foundation.

User: soggybottomdude 

Lost Suitcase

There’s a creek in my city, suitcases were thrown back there. Someone opened one, it was arms. They had been sawn off. There were more suitcases, more body parts. A whole person had been dismembered with a meat saw and stuffed in suitcases and then thrown back there.

Someone in the apartments near by overdosed on heroine. Her boyfriend panicked when she overdosed. He used to be a butcher so he chopped her up and disposed of her.

He got caught because the store near the apartment had excellent cameras and the owner reported a strange purchase right before the news dropped of the body being found. Ol boy bought 8 gallons of bleach and that’s ultimately how he got caught.

User: competitive-tap-3810 


German Castle

This just happend three days ago: me and my friends were on vacation in Germany, We went to a really big castle on a hill, surrounded by a wall. Behind the Wall everyrhing was 50 meters lower. We were walking around the castle when a friend of mine stopped and asked me if I could come take a look because he saw something odd. We looked down and we saw the body of a woman. At first I thought she was just unwell or sleeping maybe but looking better you could see her hips were placed weird and her neck as well. After a while it was clear the person has passed away. Since it was 50 meter below us we couldn’t reach her. Some people called the police and then we had to go.

The day after we checked the news and saw an article about a dead woman that was found near the castle. They are investigating if it was suicide or something else. We don’t really have a clue what happend, if she fell from the wall or that she was walking below and something fell on her. To be honest, the view of seeing someone dead is really weird. Some of my friends were really disturbed by it, which I understand. The rest of the day was not so much fun.

User: bremmieboy 

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