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Remington Hot Springs

A Little Getaway in Sequoia National Forest

The Remington Hot Springs exist in a quick path in the Sequoia National Forest just a few hours north of Los Angeles in Southern California. Don’t let their existence in the Sequoia Forest fool you, though. They are nowhere near the main entrance to Sequoia National Park. Instead, the path is three hours away from the entrance in a different area entirely.

While it is always an amazing thing to experience natural hot springs, these are pretty underwhelming. To get to them, one must head down a very hot and dry path down a steep hill (but only 0.4 miles in and out, so it’s not too long) to the springs. There’s one spring that exists as its own little hot tub up a few feet away from the running river, but the rest exist at the base of the river. The view of the river is gorgeous, but being from Richmond, Virginia and growing up playing in the James, rivers don’t always impress me.

When we went there, the hot springs connected to the river were flooded with the crashing waves of the river. So, there was only one hot spring. From what I understand, this happens a lot. As I said, while it’s pretty impressive to see natural hot springs anywhere, these are not worth seeing. Having been to Grutas Tolantongo and Deep Creek and with several other hot spring hikes planned this year, this hike is one you can skip.

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