Rocket Engineer Jack Parsons and His Ties into Occultism

Most of you probably know Jack Parsons because of his contributions to human spaceflight and space exploration. In fact, historians considered him an important figure in the U.S space program. But did you know that he was actually known for more than just his excellent works? Apparently Parsons also had an association with dark magic and the occult. To give you a better view, here are some details about Jack Parsons and his ties to occultism.

The Early Life of Jack Parsons

On October 2, 1914, Jack Parsons was born as Marvel Whiteside Parsons in Los Angeles, California. He was also raised in Pasadena by a wealthy family. During his childhood, he was fascinated by rocketry, and he started doing rocket experiments with Edward Forman in 1928. Unfortunately, he dropped out of school during the Great Depression because of financial difficulties.

In 1934, Jack Parsons reunited with Edward Forman and Frank Malina, and they formed a Cal-tech-affiliated Rocket Research Group. Their group was supported by Theodore von Kármán, the chairman of Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory (GALCIT).

Thelema and Agape Lodge

In 1939, Jack and his wife Helen visited the Church of Thelema, which was founded by Aleister Crowley. From there, he continued to attend the various events of the church and read Crowley’s writings. Because of Crowley’s works, Parsons believed that Thelemic magic was a force that could be explained by quantum physics.

By February 1941, Jack and Helen Parsons were initiated into the new Church of Thelema, the Agape Lodge. In 1942, Jack Parsons became the leader of the Agape Lodge because of Crowley’s bidding.

Jack Parsons was Expelled From JPL and Aerojet

In 1944, Jack Parsons was expelled from Aerojet and JPL. The reasons are due to his workplace behavior and the Agape Lodge’s negative reputation.

Agape Lodge’s infamous reputation started when Helen Parsons went away. While she was away, Jack Parsons had a sexual relationship with Helen’s sister, Sara. When Helen returned, Sara declared that she was the new wife of Parsons. Then, the new couple, together with other Thelemites, moved to a mansion on South Orange Groove Boulevard. The mansion became the new base of the Agape Lodge, and it is where they slaughtered livestock for food and blood rituals.


During this period, Parsons dedicated most of his time to Thelema. His dedication eventually impacted his career or professional life. To be specific, he often appeared at Aerojet sleep-deprived or with a hangover. Aside from that, Agape Lodge was also under investigation by the FBI and Pasadena Police Department due to several allegations that it is a “black magic cult.” In the end, both agencies were not able to find pieces of evidence that the group was doing illegal activities. As a result, it was declared that Agape Lodge was not a threat to national security.

The Babalon Working

In 1945, Sara left Jack Parsons for Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Even so, Parson and Hubbard remained friends. From there, Parsons started doing the Babalon Working. It is a process to invoke Babalon, the Thelemic goddess, by doing several rituals.

By February 1946, Parsons and Hubbard conducted their last ritual in the Mojave Desert. When they returned to the Parsonage, Jack found out that Marjorie Cameron had visited the place. Then, Jack believed that Marjorie was the manifestation of the goddess Babalon. As a result, he performed several sex magic rituals with Marjorie. At the same time, Ron Hubbard participated in the rituals as the amanuensis.

Afterward, Jack Parsons resigned from the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O) after Sara and Ron defrauded him. In 1969, The Sunday Times released an article regarding Hubbard’s involvement with Parson’s occult activities and the O.T.O. As a response, the Church of Scientology gave a press statement stating that Hubbard was an undercover agent sent by the U.S. Navy.

The Death of Jack Parsons

In 1952, Jack Parsons died due to an explosion in his home laboratory. According to the police investigation, his death was an accident. However, many of Jack’s associates suspected that it was either murder or suicide. Whatever the case, the secrets of his death died with him on that day.

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