weirdest places in japan


Ghosts, Magic, and Cherry Blossoms: The Odd History of Himeji Castle

You know just how much we love to talk about castles! And today — we have a real treat for you! Welcome to Himeji Castle, where history meets legend in a fascinating blend of ghostly tales, mystical powers, and the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms. Situated in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, this UNESCO World Heritage…
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The Bunny Island: Exploring Ōkunoshima, Japan’s Rabbit Paradise

We’ve talked about Japan numerous times in our articles. From the weirdest and spookiest places you could visit, to the cat cafes, to the more spiritual and peaceful sides of this gorgeous country. However, one island nestled in the azure waters of the Seto Inland Sea is still waiting to be explored on our page.…
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The Quirky Side of Tokyo You Can’t Experience Anywhere Else

It’s no secret that Tokyo is a bustling metropolis with cutting-edge technology. However, there are some aspects of Tokyo that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. From its colorful culture and breathtaking nature to a certain dose of quirkiness and eccentricity that you won’t be able to witness in other parts of the…
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Cherry Blossoms and Beyond: Exploring Japan in the Spring

Japan is renowned for its stunning cherry blossoms, which make spring an enchanting time to visit this country. The cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japanese, create breathtaking landscapes that guarantee for a memorable experience. How important sakura is to the Japanese people, also demonstrates hanami, or the tradition of cherry blossom viewing. People gather…
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Japan’s Cat Cafes: Why They’re Weird and Fascinating at the Same Time

It’s no secret that Japan is known for its unique and cool places. There are just so many things that you wouldn’t be able to see or experience anywhere else. But one of the most fascinating things about Japan, that would make the heart of any crazy cat lady (or gentleman) melt — is Japan’s…
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The Spooky Side of Japan: Exploring Tokyo’s Most Haunted Places

Japan is a country that is rich in history and culture, and Tokyo, its capital city, is no exception. There is just so much to see and do in Tokyo! From bustling streets, bright lights, and urban centers, there is an abundance of light this modern metropolis has to offer. But there is also a…
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Aoshima: Japan’s Island Every Crazy Cat Lady Should Visit

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m completely obsessed with cats. I know that almost every dog person will despise me for saying that, however, I just can’t help it. Whenever I see a cat, my day just gets instantly better. If you can relate to this, then I have some great news for you. There…
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Nagoro: The Bizarre Japanese Village Where Dolls Replace The Deceased

It’s no secret that Japan is a beautiful country worth exploring. It offers the best of both worlds: modern cities and untouched nature. However, if you are a lover of weird and creepy travel areas, then there is one place in Japan that you would especially enjoy. Nagoro is a small mountain village in Shikoku…
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The Strangest Places to See in Japan

Japan is, perhaps, one of the most talked-about countries in the world, with its cohesive culture and rich history. However, like anywhere else around the world, this country also has a weird side. To be specific, it offers several unusual or bizarre tourist attractions that will make your trip a memorable one. So, what are…
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