Thanksgiving Décor Ideas for Those of Us Who Love the Weird and Eccentric

Many people have the urge to decorate their homes according to the season. The right décor can shift our moods and provide us with joy and a slight change to our everyday. And during Fall, well, it is the time when lots of festivities are held. For instance, most families gather on Thanksgiving to celebrate the things they are grateful for. In these times, because you’ll be expecting guests, you’ll likely want to make your home feel cozy and inviting through decorations. And while the same generic items from Target may suffice from time to time, sometimes, we want something to show off that could be unique or even… weird. In fact, there are numerous unique and clever pieces of décor you can craft at home. To give you a better view, here are some eccentric Thanksgiving décor ideas for those who love weird things.

Fall-Colored Popcorn and Candy Centerpieces


Edible centerpieces are excellent decorations because they’re unique, colorful, and attractive. Plus, they are easy to do. For example, you can make fall-colored popcorn centerpieces to make your table look more festive.

Fall-colored popcorn centerpieces are easy to create. All you need to do is cook homemade popcorn. Afterward, you can sprinkle food coloring (powdered) over the popcorn. Finally, you can put the colored popcorn in a clear glass or container in a unique design. The more elaborate the design, the more of a statement that piece becomes.

Aside from popcorn, you can also opt for colorful candies. You can pour the fall-colored candies into a glass jar or bottle. Another option is to create festive containers using disposable bowls and spray paints. Afterward, you can place the candies into the cute bowls and set them on the table. With a mix of popcorn, candy, flowers, leaves, and gourds, you can make your own centerpiece for your Thanksgiving décor that could steal the show.

Painted Pumpkins

Among the various eccentric Thanksgiving décor ideas on this list, the most popular are painted pumpkins. This décor idea is great for those with kids who love to paint. You can let them craft different painted pumpkins using their creativity and imagination. Your children will surely have fun with this art project.

When crafting painted pumpkins, you’ll need several materials. Aside from pumpkin, you also need brushes and different colors of acrylic paint. Miscellaneous materials, like glitter, adhesive tape, colored paper, and stickers, are also great for decorating a pumpkin. You can add these materials so that your kids can make their pumpkins look weird yet adorable.

Or perhaps, you’re an artist or you’re just dabbling and need a creative outlet? Using a pumpkin as a canvas in Fall for your Thanksgiving décor is a clever way to make a statement and unleash your creativity.


Pilgrim Jars, Leaf Jars… Lots of Jars

The last on this list of eccentric Thanksgiving décor ideas is the idea of using jars as a part of your Thanksgiving décor. As you know, Thanksgiving is not only about being grateful for your blessings. We also use this day to tell the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving (which is questionably accurate yet still a staple in the roots of the holiday). So you may want to craft Pilgrim jars with your children.

Pilgrim jars are easy to craft. All you need to do is to decorate old jars to make them look like the Pilgrims. You can use paint, colored paper, buttons, and other materials to create adorable Pilgrims. Or, perhaps, that’s too childish. You can also try to fill jars with fake candles, bright colorful leaves, and a variety of pinecones and nuts. Using the idea of Harvest and falling leaves is another great way to pick Thanksgiving décor that is unique, eccentric, and highlights the season. Afterward, you can set the décor on your Thanksgiving table or anywhere you prefer.

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