The Beautiful Hiking Trails in Colorado

Colorado is a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers, thanks to its beautiful natural landscapes. In fact, it’s so gorgeous that hiking is a popular activity in this state, whether it be for locals or tourists, and there are a countless variety of trails, ranging from easy to challenging expeditions. So, what are the most beautiful hiking trails in Colorado?

Emerald Lake Trail


The Emerald Lake Trail is located at Rocky Mountain National Park, and it is a popular hiking trail in Colorado. The reason is that there are numerous alpine lakes on this 3.2-mile trail. The first one you’ll see is the smallest lake, which is the Nymph Lake. Further down the path, the next one is the Dream Lake. Finally, all your efforts will be worth it once you see the Emerald Lake. This place is mesmerizing, thanks to the magnificent view of Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak.

If you’re looking for more picturesque views, you can take a detour. At the east of Dream Lake, you’ll see a hiking trail that will lead you to Lake Haiyaha. Here, you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the park in a less crowded setting.

The Keyhole Route


One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Colorado is the Keyhole Route. In fact, it is an iconic trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, and it will lead you to Longs Peak’s summit. However, this hiking trail is only for advanced hikers because it has narrow ledges, loose rocks, and cliffs. Aside from that, it will also take about 10 to 15 hours to reach your destination. As such, hikers must start their adventure before sunrise to avoid encountering thunderstorms in the afternoon. Nevertheless, all your efforts will be worth it because of the magnificent view of your destination.

Perkins Central Garden Trail


Colorado is known for its numerous hiking trails that require exertion. However, there are some easy trails for families looking for an adventure. One, in particular, is the Perkins Central Garden Trail. This hiking trail will lead you to the park’s center, where you can see large rock formations. You can also continue your trek to reach the picnic site via the Scottsman Trail. Lastly, you can also take the Palmer Trail if you want to see the beautiful landscapes from a higher point of view.

Overall, these are some of the beautiful hiking trails in Colorado. As presented, this state offers numerous trails with varying difficulty. As such, this tourist destination can accommodate everyone who likes adventures and other outdoor activities.

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