The Best Crystals for Manifesting Abundance and Success

From ancient times, crystals have been known for their therapeutic and spiritual powers. They are thought to have special vibrations and energies that can support us in realizing our ambitions. If you’re a loyal reader of this site, then you probably already know how much we’re obsessed with crystals. So if you’re looking for some options to help you on your manifestation journey, here are some of the best crystals for manifesting abundance and success.


Being the “stone of abundance,” citrine is one of the most beloved crystals for manifesting wealth, success, and prosperity. Its vivid yellow color is linked to the sun’s energy, bringing warmth and optimism into our lives. You just can’t help but feel a sense of joy and happiness while looking at it. 

Citrine is thought to activate the solar plexus chakra, which governs our perception of our own strength and self-assurance. It can assist us in overcoming our worries and self-doubt so that we can work toward our goals with a sense of purpose and resolve. You can wear it as a stunning jewelry piece or place it on your working desk. 

Green Aventurine

The “stone of chance” known as green aventurine is thought to bring luck and wealth to people who wear it. Those who want to manifest success in their occupations or financial situations love to choose this lovely crystal because of its green color and powerful energy. It brings abundance and prosperity to your finances. 

Green aventurine is thought to activate the heart chakra, which governs our connections with others and our emotional well-being. Our prosperity and affluence in life can increase as a result of its ability to help us draw in good vibes and amazing chances and opportunities. Bring this crystal along with you when attending crucial meetings or job interviews.


Pyrite is referred to as the “stone of wealth” and is said to draw wealth and prosperity. Its golden color is linked to the sun’s energy, which infuses our lives with warmth and positivity. It just has an expensive look to it, so it’s not surprising that so many people believe that it helps with manifesting money. 


Pyrite is thought to activate the solar plexus chakra, which controls our perception of our own strength and self-assurance. It can help us in overcoming our own mental roadblocks and get the confidence boost that we need. Place a pyrite crystal in your workspace or office to manifest prosperity and abundance. 

Clear Quartz

As the “master healer,” clear quartz is thought to intensify the energy of other stones. It is a potent tool for creating abundance and success because of its clear and transparent look, which is connected to the clarity of thought and intention.

All of the chakras are thought to be stimulated by clear quartz, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body. You can combine this crystal with all of the previous ones mentioned above. But you can also use it for manifestation on its own, by carrying it with you or placing it in your workspace. 

Kanita Bajrami

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