The Best Crystals to Help You with Your Anxiety (While You Travel or At Home)

Some people may experience travel anxiety while on the road. After all, you may feel a little bit scared of exploring a new place, especially for first-time solo travelers. The good news is that you can bring crystals to calm your nerves and be mindful during your adventures. In fact, healing stones have been gaining popularity these past years. The reason is not only because of their attractive appearance. Each type of healing stone supposedly emits positive vibrations that can make you feel better wherever you go. So, what are the best crystals to help with your travel anxiety?

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an excellent crystal you can carry while traveling because it is said to relieve stress, worries, and anxiety. To be specific, this grayish, clear stone absorbs the negative energy surrounding you. From there, you can feel calmer and more relaxed while you explore unfamiliar places.

Aside from relieving travel anxiety, smoky quartz is also essential for self-care because of its calming effects. Plus, it can aid you in your quest for self-discovery.


Malachite is one of the best crystals to help you with your travel anxiety. After all, it is considered “the guardian stone for travelers.” Your worries and fears may diminish knowing that the stone holds the energy that can protect you against accidents and other dangerous situations. Aside from that, it can also make you feel better when you have jet lag by helping your body to adjust.



In ancient times, travelers carried amethyst as protection against thieves. Today, many travelers are familiar with the healing properties of this purple stone. For one, it is said to clear negative emotions and thoughts that cause travel anxiety. As a result, your fears and stress while on the road could disappear. Additionally, this crystal can help you sleep better, making you feel refreshed and energized the following morning. As such, you will have plenty of energy for your adventures by placing amethyst under your pillow when sleeping.


Moonstone is the last on this list of the best crystals to help you with travel anxiety. After all, this stone is known to bring joy and good luck. As such, you will feel at ease while on the road. Aside from that, this crystal is also a must-have for road trips because of its calming effects that can help prevent road rage. Finally, it is said to offer protection for those traveling during nighttime or over water.

Maria Dolores Garcia

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