The Best Places to Camp at Across the US

Many people go camping for an exciting travel experience that allows them to connect with nature. After all, numerous campgrounds offer several activities that can make a remarkable trip. For instance, you can wander on the hiking trails, admire breathtaking views, and swim in clear water. At night, you and your family or friends can sit around a campfire while enjoying the night sky and eating s’mores. Fortunately, you don’t have to do thorough research to find the best campgrounds in America because we have already researched and made a list of the best places to camp across the US.

White Star Campground – Colorado

White Star Campground is one of the highly ranked camping sites in the Mountain West region. It is the ideal base camp for those who want to hike thrilling mountain trails. Aside from that, you can also spend a relaxing day at the Twin Lakes Reservoir, which is a short walk from the campsites. The best part is that this campground offers numerous outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, sailing, biking, and more.

Many Glacier Campground – Montana

One of the best places to camp across the US is the Many Glacier Campground. As its name implies, this spacious camping site is surrounded by five iconic peaks in the Glacier National Park. As such, the campers will be greeted by picturesque landscapes. Aside from that, this campground also offers numerous amenities, including a grocery store, ranger station, and restaurants. You can also explore the hiking trails; however, moose and bears are often seen. For this reason, campers are advised to practice the “Leave No Trace” principles.


Alabama Hills Recreation Area – California

Another great camping site you can visit is the Alabama Hills Recreation Area. This campground has been the location of various Hollywood movies, including Iron Man and Gladiator. As such, this place will surely take your breath away with its picture-perfect views. Aside from that, several rock formations are found in this place, making it a good choice for rock climbers. However, camping is now restricted in some areas of Alabama Hills. Still, there are some marked sites where you can camp.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park – Minnesota

Another great addition to this list of best places to camp across the US is the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. It is a highly ranked campground in the Midwest region. One of its features is the magnificent lighthouse sitting on top of the rocky shores of Lake Superior. Aside from that, this campsite also offers various activities, like fishing and hiking. However, you have to be cautious because various animals are roaming the area, including bobcats, loons, and lynxes.

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