The Biggest Travel Scam Stories Found on Reddit

Traveling is all about discovering new places, tasting new foods, and occasionally, running into a scam or two. It’s a bumpy ride, full of stories that can range from the hilarious to the downright frustrating. In this piece, we dive into some wild travel scam stories shared by Redditors. From a quick thumb wrestling match in Thailand to a costly night out in Shanghai, these are great reminders to stay alert and keep our wits about us, no matter where our travels take us.

The Fastest Thumb in Thailand

I was in Thailand having a lovely dinner on the beach when a maybe 7 year old girl asked me if I wanted to buy any necklaces, I politely said no thank you as I already had a similar one. She proceeds to challenge me to a thumb wrestling match where if she wins I have to buy 3 and if I win I get one for free. Well me being the athletic man that I am I go for it, she proceeds to beat me in about half a second, 5 years later I have yet to fully emotionally recover for this.

User: United-Young-9339

The High Cost of Nightlife

I was in Shanghai, walking along Nanjing road when a young woman stopped to talk to me. She was pretty heavily made up with obvious fake eyelashes. Women never talk to me so already my defenses were up. We went to a bar and she had a friend join us. So me and 2 girls sat for a few hours having drinks and talking through very rough chinese/english. At about 9 drinks I decided to call it a day. I figured it would probably be $10, maybe $15 a drink, and I’d be out $170 worst case.

Bill came back at $900. I paid it off, yelled at the women, and left. I felt horrible for the next week I was there.

User: Atreyu100

Turkey’s Unplanned Hostel Stay

my bf and i were in turkey last year and we only got (obviously) scammed once i’d say… and it wasn’t really a big deal in the end. we were kind of wandering the country as it were anyway, but we had a list of hostel/hotels in Pamukkale and at the bus station, when we were getting on the bus someone asked where we were staying, but we said we were going to figure it out when we got there, then he mumbled something and we got on the bus and we took the drive, stuffed in the bus with a bunch of other turks. we got near the town and the bus stopped and some dude gets up and is like “you two” and points to us, and we are like “huh?” and we get off and there was a guy standing there.. the bus pulled away and he was like “you come to my hostel?” and we were like “but… what?” i was scared for about 3 minutes, but he turned out to be nice and the hostel wasn’t too bad anyway, for a night.

if someone asks you where you’re going to stay, be sure to have something in mind… or at least, be very firm in saying no.

great trip though, you should go to turkey!

User: salamantharay


Paying the Price of Getting Lost

Marrakech, Morocco.

If you’ve ever been here, you know it’s an easy place to get lost. I marked my hotel down in a beta version of Google MyTracks, which had been reliable up until now. When I went to go look up my tracks, it wasn’t working. After spending 30 minutes trying to locate the hotel with my wife, a ~14 year old boy predictably offered to help me. I went into this knowing he wanted money out of it.

As he walked toward my hotel, he began collecting all of the other boys he knew. By the time we arrived at the end of the alley that my hotel was at, there were 7-8 of them. I offered the boy who brought me some money (equivalent to $5US?), but the group (blocking the hotel door and the alley exit) demanded something closer to $75US.

I capitulated and offered the $20US equivalent in my pocket, since that was “all I had” (always keep a second stash outside of your pocket!). They went away.

User: deleted account

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