The Creepiest Places in London with a Dark History that You Have to Visit

London is both a glamorous and iconic city. It is filled with museums, parks, castles, and historical buildings. However, this popular tourist destination also has a dark and eerie side to it, too (as many places do). To be specific, there are several places in this city with a dark history. To give you a better view, here are the creepiest places in London that you should visit.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historical castle with a dark history. As you may know, it was once used as a prison from 1100 to 1952. As such, many convicts were beaten, tortured, and beheaded in this place.

Today, a lot of visitors from the Tower of London have reported experiencing strange occurrences in some parts of the castle. Some have seen shadows and ghosts, while others have heard painful screams. Some have also reported seeing the spirit of Anne Boleyn there, a wife of Henry VII, who was beheaded.

Bruce Castle


One of the creepiest places in London is Bruce Castle, also known as the “Lordship House.” According to stories, Lady Coleraine was held in this place against her will. To be specific, her husband locked her in the upper part of the castle. One night, she jumped off the building.

Today, Bruce Castle was turned into a museum, displaying the heritage and history of London. However, many people have reported seeing the unhappy ghost of Lady Coleraine every November 3. Some visitors also reported hearing her cry.

Bleeding Heart Yard


Bleeding Heart Yard is a courtyard named after the Virgin Mary’s antique picture. According to stories, a horrific event occurred in this place. To be specific, Lady Elizabeth Hatton’s body was found here. The gruesome part was that her body was mutilated. Plus, her heart was still pumping blood when they discovered her. Because of this incident, this courtyard was labeled as one of the creepiest places in London.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum

The Old Operating Theatre Museum is situated in old St. Thomas’ Hospital, specifically in its 18th-century church. This museum displays numerous discoveries and innovations in medical sciences and surgery. However, these discoveries were linked to several unnatural deaths. Today, many visitors have reported hearing screams and cries in the corners of the staircases and attic.

All in all, these are some of the creepiest places in London. As presented, these sites have an eerie and dark history. So, if you’re searching for a spine-chilling adventure, you can check out these places.

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