The Creepiest Things Discovered By Urban Explorers

Urban exploration is an exciting adventure that frequently uncovers more than just deserted buildings or forgotten walkways. It is also an exciting approach to discovering secret areas and lost nooks of society. And we’re huge fans of reading stories from urban explorers on sites such as Reddit. And the things that you can find there – WOW! So, if you’re also a fan of stories of spooky encounters and terrifying discoveries, then you’re at the right place. Here are some of the creepiest things that we have found on Reddit.


Abandoned Asylum

Reddit user “vaporsynthretrochill” described how he and his friends explored an abandoned asylum/mental hospital in the OKC metro. At first, they just looked around and enjoyed the darkness. Getting into the building was a challenging thing to do. You have to come in through a broken window. Once they all gathered around the window, they suddenly heard loud, echoing footsteps down the hall running towards them.

At first, they were confused, but once they realized that all of them heard the same thing – they freaked out! They started sprinting down a dark abandoned hallway and came across a group of people who appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Once they finally decided to leave, the “leader” of the group asked if they had any jewelry, which they denied. Then the man said the creepiest thing ever: “I like jewelry. I take it off the girls here when they sleep.”

Encountering the Unthinkable

One terrifying story, like something out of a horror novel, came from the experiences of a group of people investigating the hidden underside of a seaside bridge. What began as a strange journey abruptly turned into the terrifying areas as they made their way through the cramped areas. In the shadows, they came across a vision that went beyond the realm of common fear: a lone chair facing a wall bearing a graffitied, suggestive picture. What appeared to be a simple magazine cutout took on an unsettling twist when the eyes were carefully removed, adding a bizarre touch that made them shiver.

Still, the grim revelation didn’t stop there. They were met with an even more unfathomable sight: a bloody condom, a horrifying keepsake in this dark room. They were faced with an unsettling riddle that defied explanation as they came to the horrifying understanding that they had entered the domain of an unidentified person.


Missing Person

Reddit user “ax2usn” described one of his projects as a landscape photographer. He had a shooting in a rural area and came across a long abandoned house. He spontaneously decided to snap a few images of the gorgeous building. And while he was doing it, he couldn’t resist looking through the windows. What he discovered shocked him!

The home was perfectly furnished – a piano with music open, fishing gear, wood stove, and firewood nearby, even magazines on the coffee table and jackets on the coat rack! He also saw some charming family photos hanging from the walls, a small red kitchen table with matching chairs, and the weirdest thing – one of the chairs was pulled out. Everything was covered in inches of dust. It looked as if someone walked out of the house in 1950 and never returned.

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