The Creepiest Urban Legends that Can Inspire Your Next Trip

Many people like to travel to different places for a plethora of reasons, whether it be to relax, to learn, or to visit historical sites, museums, and even haunted locations. Likewise, there are also many tourist destinations that are known for their urban legends. As you know, urban legends are stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next. As such, these tales may or may not have some truth to them. And, generally, they are paranormal in nature. Even so, they are fun to hear despite being spooky. So, here are the creepiest urban legends that can inspire your next trip.

Japan: Kuchisake-onna

One of the spookiest urban legends from around the world is from Japan, and it involves a “slit-mouthed woman” known as Kuchisake-onna.

According to the legend, she is seen walking around with a sharp object. Several tales describe her as a woman with long black hair and pale skin. She may be considered beautiful; however, she has a scar at the corners of her mouth. For this reason, she covers her mouth with a mask.

When she sees potential victims, she will ask them if she is beautiful. If the person says, “no,” she will kill them. On the other hand, if the person says, “yes,” she will reveal her scar. Again, she will ask if she is beautiful. If the answer is, “no,” she will kill the person. If the answer is, “yes,” she cuts the corners of her mouth.

According to the legends, there are ways to survive the encounter with this malevolent spirit. For instance, you can tell her that she doesn’t look good or bad, rather that she looks average. Other stories mention that you can also distract her with money.

Hawaii: The Night Marchers

One of the creepiest urban legends that can inspire your next trip is the night marchers in Hawaii. Most people believe that these mysterious creatures were spirits of the ancient warriors of Hawaii. Today, it is said that their spirits are roaming around various areas of the islands, areas that were once battlefields.

According to the legend, you should not look these night marchers in the eyes; if you do, you may die. Aside from that, you should also lie down on the ground if you come across a group of night marchers. By doing this, you are showing respect, and you may survive your encounter with these supernatural creatures.

Vietnam: Tree Ghosts

The last on this list of creepiest urban legends that can inspire your next trip is about the tree ghosts in Vietnam. According to stories, there are a lot of wandering spirits in this country. Because they are desperately searching for a home, they end up going into the trees of the forests. As such, when a person harms or cuts down the tree without asking the spirit to leave, unfortunate things may happen to them for the rest of their life, IE they become cursed by these tree ghosts.

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