The Eco-Friendly Destinations that We Should Celebrate in 2023

It’s no surprise that the travel and tourism industry has been a major contributor to several environmental problems. The good news is that many countries are now developing plans to protect Mother Earth. In fact, these places are encouraging travelers and tourism establishments to be responsible. As such, they developed eco-friendly practices to reduce the impact of tourism on the planet. So, here are the best eco-friendly destinations you can visit in 2023 to show your support for sustainable tourism.



Norway is known for its glacial landscapes. In fact, these stunning views are among the most spectacular attractions of this country. As such, the local government and people try to protect and preserve nature by promoting responsible tourism. Aside from that, the country has a goal to become CO2-neutral in the coming years. Plus, conservation is a huge part of Norwegian culture. For this reason, several tourist destinations in this country were certified as eco-friendly and sustainable.

Aside from being eco-friendly, Norway is also voted as one of the greenest and happiest places to live in. You will surely enjoy this country because of its beautiful tourist attractions and friendly locals.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best eco-friendly destinations you can visit in 2023. As you know, this country offers spectacular landscapes because it works hard to preserve and protect the environment. To be specific, the nation has been focusing on becoming an eco-friendly place for the past two decades. Sustainable travel is also practiced in this destination to maintain the natural beauty of its surroundings.


New Zealand was labeled as a “green nation.” As such, many travel and tour operators in this country are regulated. As a result, you can travel around the nation knowing you’re a responsible tourist.


Iceland is a popular eco-friendly tourist destination. It offers numerous stunning landscapes. Aside from that, its location and geothermal activity allow it to use geothermal energy. As a result, it is considered “one of the greenest countries on the planet.” Of course, the country also has sustainable practices to preserve its natural beauty. In fact, Reykjavik is named “one of the cleanest cities in the world.” With their environment-friendly practices, travelers can ensure that they will enjoy every adventure they partake in this country while protecting its surroundings.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is the last on this list of the best eco-friendly destinations you can visit in 2023. Many adventure travelers choose this destination because it offers numerous attractions that provide thrill and excitement. Aside from that, it also has unspoiled rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and diverse wildlife that are fiercely protected. Plus, this country allows travelers to practice and experience sustainable tourism. From there, most of them will look forward to going to more eco-friendly destinations.

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