The Evolution of the Mind

An introspective on growth and the way forward.

We spend most of our time thinking, but rarely do we stop to think about our own thinking. Why would we do such a thing? Focus on the mind? It leads to a better understanding of ourselves and the reasons we react to the world around us as we do. Learning our own minds and patterns is a difficult tackle at first, but I have found it entirely necessary to facilitate my own evolution as a person. Now I’m sure you’re already thinking to yourself ‘What is this guy talking about?’ Well, allow me to explain.

We owe it to ourselves to call into question the way we deal with the problems that fall into our lap, but most people won’t do so until forced to. When they keep making decisions that hurt themselves in some way or that lead them away from the person who makes them the happiest to be. Well, I say there’s no reason to wait. We should get into the practice of looking at ourselves objectively, even though its an incredibly hard thing to do. We shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong; it only makes things harder. But whether we do so early or late, as long as we start the habit, we are on the right track.


How should you do this? It’s just like the saying goes, “One step at a time”. My suggestion is to first get used to the way you think about things and learn yourself. Start by calling yourself out on things you normally let by you. Say someone cuts you off in line at the store. Instead of getting angry, which is just a way of saying hurt and confused, try logically wrapping your head around the situation. Maybe the person didn’t see you there or maybe they thought you wouldn’t mind. If you are upset, try asking yourself why. Is it because you think it was a rude act and you find yourself personally offended? Is it because you feel uncomfortable having to say something? Maybe it is because you feel they feel they can get away with it, or that they are infringing on you time? The answers will help you diagnose yourself and maybe it won’t help you with that particular situation, but they will teach you a little more about yourself. In time, they will definitely help you deal with similar situations in the future. Personally, I find it takes the sting out of our own hurt as well.

The more we understand how we think, the easier it becomes to alter bad habits or to enforce good ones. We become more fluid in our interactions with the world, causing less pain from being stuck in the mud and more cognizant of the things we personally need to be happier. It also helps us to deal with harder situations when we know exactly how we think and why we feel. Just like any relationship, communication is key. Since we spend all of our time with ourselves, we may as well get to know ourselves as intimately as we would any partner.


I’ve been thinking about
The difference
Between who I️ was
And who I️ am

And I️ realized
That was the difference

Vicious Avarice

Damian C. King or "Vicious Avarice" graduated with a BFA from VCU in 2010 and went on to become a prolific filmmaker in Hollywood over the past decade. Though he continues to produce features under his company Fantasy Forge Films, recently, he has reignited his passion for writing, focusing on poetry and fantasy novels. In January 2022, he published the children’s book “The Christmas Monster” which can be pre-ordered here ( He looks forward to contributing to Malorie’s Adventures and asks all to keep an eye out for his future books which always carry with them a fantastical whimsy born of the imagination.

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